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The Every Student Succeeds Act is the current version of the public policy on education. Approved with  bilateral support from both political parties and signed by President Obama in December 2015, the ESSA requires states and districts to ensure that all students, including children with disabilities, English students and other historically neglected groups, graduate from high school ready to pursue either a college diploma or a career.  It includes provisions that will help to ensure success for students and schools. The past adaptation of the law, the No Child left behind Act (NCLB), was established in 2002. The NCLB appeared to be a progressive leap for our country’s kids in many regards, especially as it revealed where students were making progress and where they required assistance, paying little regard to race, income, zip code, handicap, ethnicity, or background.

The law was planned to be revised in 2007, and, after some time, NCLB’s prescriptive necessities turned out to be progressively unworkable for schools and instructors. Perceiving this reality, in 2010, the Obama administration joined a call from instructors and families to form a law that will allow  for another leap forward for the success of all students futures.Prior to the implementation of the Act, African-Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, English-dialect students, students with handicaps and numerous others were left out or left behind since schools were not considered responsible for their individual advance and development.

NCLB set up measures that uncovered accomplishment gaps among customarily underserved understudies and their associates and prodded an essential national exchange on instruction changeThe ESSA was adopted by the legislative process in what is known as a bipartisan, meaning the cooperation of both major parties, where both the House of representatives and the senate took a vote whether to sign the bill. The house voted 359-64 and the senate voted 85-12. President Obama later signed the bill on December 10, 2015.The ESSA requires for schools, for the first time, that all students in America be taught to high academic standards that will prepare them to succeed in college and careers. In exchange for receiving billions of dollars in federal funds each year, states agree to track the progress of schools and districts, step in and support them when needed, and show that the money is used responsibly to support their students.

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