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The World around everyone today is very much different than back when Hitler had come to power, Children of today, and even adults of today will not understand the brutal massacre of humanity. Back then, Hitler had thought of turning earth into a utopia, though his image was corrupted, he thought that others flaws, imperfections, were not meant to be around, he thought the Jews were immoral, just due to their religion, as for the others, he thought of their mindset of who romantically pleases them, and the physically or mentally disabled, were not welcome as the same. Though this thought of utopia can also be seen as Hitler’s hate of the Jews, due to how he used to be an artist, but had been taken from his passion. Everyone should learn more about the Holocaust so people will understand the inhumanity of what hate can do. As to support what has been stated above, one reason to learn of the Holocaust and the brutality of it is because of the families. When talking about the crying and separation of families, as a further remark, The Nazis had shown no compassion for the families, only showing an interest if there were twins(Kor And Buccieri 27-8). Families were separated and torn apart. The families that accepted their fate had gone, but where heart broken when the children had been taken away. To think of what the poor victims were thinking, how the children felt, as the rush of other victims, and Nazi soldiers rush in the train station, families lost each other, and were forcefully torn away from. “I could not find the rest of my family. After four days of such close proximity to my older sister and Papa, in my bewilderment and confusion I had lost them”(Kor And Buccieri 28). The poor children, lost, being grabbed by strange men and put with others, and only to think of what the mothers felt, their young angels, taken from them without a second though. When one of the twins had looked back, she had seen their mother, arms outstretched towards them, wailing, then she had been thrown away from her children. Now, as to see the mind of someone who was confused, as his father took a risk to stay. As well as the Doctors included into this torture of others(Pogany). Eugene had Prayed for his grandmother which were his only strength to learn more about his family’s painful divided story. to bind everything together (Pogany). Geared had left. He wanted to practice his spiritual vocation. He wanted to find the connection of anti semitism and Nazi genocide (Pogany). These confusing parts of the Holocaust, the bravery of families, the doctors, everything seemed as if it was put in madness. “The medical experiments in the camp had done  horrible, abusive, after effects on the individuals that were taken, constitute violation of international conventions, including article 46 of the Hague Regulations”(United States Holocaust Memorial Museum). Allies defeated Nazi Germany in early 1945, enormous war effort against the nation was finally over. Though, regardless of how the defendants looked or seemed, they had undoubtedly committed terrible crimes. They hoped this would deter such brutality (Pogany). After the Holocaust, which had been perpetrated by the Nazi Germany and its allies prior to and during World War II. In 1879 German Journalist Wilhelm Marr published a pamphlet, Der Sieg des Judentums uber das Germanethnum. Vom nicht konfessionellen  Standpunkt aus betrachtet, aka The Victory of the Jewish Spirit over the Germanic Spirit. Observed from a non-religious perspective (Meadows). This is like a standpoint of showing that it was a treacherous battle of not only weapon and hate, but of using hope and faith. Living through the ordeal and eventually taking back their lives, slowly shining everything to be normal. Building  a memory of those who have been lost, or endured the Nazi torture (meadows). everyone should learn more about the Holocaust so people understand the inhumanity of what hate can do. The generation now growing up, they do not understand when a stereotype is made, its like outcasting others, making them dehumanized .  Once categorized, they are seen as lesser, this is close to what the Germans has done to the Jews. Though others may not be as violent, it is still close to what they have done, making people lesser than what they are, to mock them. This mindset has made people think it is alright to do horrible things to others just cause they think lesser of them. This is not alright though, if people would understand the pain the Jews went through, and see how close it is to how people treat others today, maybe they would think twice, but we would have to hope people are not too corrupted or selfish to ignore the pain afflicted to others by stereotyping them, dehumanizing them, everyone can make a better world, to cherish each others flaws and weaknesses, to appreciate what everyone can do, and learn from the mistakes of the past.

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