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The victim

     Once upon a time, there was a handsome man who is named john. He had a lovely mother who is called Farah and a very cool, father who is named Lebron.

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        In an early morning, as usual john went out with a friend called Irving, he was a weird boy. He was doing unusual things.  He was an orphan. No one knew about him anything, even Farah and lebron didn’t know about Irving.  They did a lot of things in this day.   First they went to john’s college to play basketball, then they went to a mall to shop and buy a couple of things they need or want, then they went to Irving’s home.

        At midnight Lebron and Farah came home from their job. When they arrived Farah went to sleep because she was very tired, but Lebron wanted to talk with john. When he entered the room he couldn’t find him, so kept on calling for him and searching but he couldn’t find him, he also called all of his friends. ”hi this is lebron did you knew where is john”, said lebron.” No, I didn’t see him              today”, said one of his friends. ”Can you please call his friends and if you know anything tell me”, said lebron.” Ok ”, said one of his friends. Then lebron called the police officer because he knows that there was a police who was called Lornson. He was a great police officer. So Lebron told him ”my son is missing and nobody knows his place”.

So Lornson decided to investigate this crime. After a week searching about him he found his dead body floating on the river. So Lornson decides to call Lebron and he told him ”hi this is Lornson”. Did you find him? Said Lebron.”Sorry we find him but he was dead and floating on a river”, said Lornson. ”What you will do about the killer”, said Lebron. ”We will do our best to find him”. Then Lornson started asking all johns’ friends trying to know who the last one who saw the victim. He found out it was Irving, people says that he was there with him for the whole day. So he got him in his office and asks him some questions.  ”What is your name”,”my name is Irving”, where do you live”,’ ‘I live in st Paul Minnesota”, ”where were you on Sunday at 12 o’clock”, said Lornson.”I was sleeping”, said Irving, ”at what time did he leave”?”At 11 o’clock”,” do you have witnesses”, ”no”, ”how did you spend your day”, ”first we went to play basketball in the college court then we went to buy things from the mall then we went to my home”. Lornson sent him home telling him ”you are not allowed to leave the country”. Lornson suspected that he was the killer, but he doesn’t have any evidence to arrest him. Suddenly someone called him and told him that he saw the criminal from the window when he was killing john and throwing him in the river, and also I have evidence. So Lornson see the evidence and catch the criminal and sentenced him to death. Also he called Irving and told him that he can leave the country if he wants. After that he called Lebron and Farah and told them that he caught the criminal.





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