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article illustrates on our nation awareness towards food safety. The author
write solemnly about the actions by which the consumers should pay more
attentions on how they consume their food.

consumers must consume a good food to be safe. In order to pursue the food
safety, the food operators must possess a training skills and knowledge in
basic hygiene standards and safety measures of the food preparation. But, in
reality nowadays some of the food operators did not follow the rules
appropriately when it comes to handling the food.

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consumers must know about the cleanliness of their food. The cleanliness of the
food must be checked from the source of the production to avoid any occurrence
or contamination. Besides, the author tells about the use of toxic pesticides
or insecticides in vegetable and animal rearing that can harm the consumers.

author further highlights the importance on how the quality and safety of the
food must not be compromised. We need to emphasize the quality of the food to
achieve the nation’s agenda to be the best amongst food consumers. For example,
the agriculture players and local authorities must be knowledgeable about the
importance of food safety. Therefore, the quality and safety of the food should
be emphasized.

We are
fully agreed with the author that we should encourage our nation to be aware of
food safety especially the new generation. As we all know, a good food can give
us energy and healthy mind. Besides that, the workers who are involved in the
food industry did not take serious action when it comes to the food safety.
They did not wear proper attires when handling the food. For example, at the
school canteen the food is not even covered when there are many flies hovering
around. This shows that the author is really concerned about our generation
future. Food is an important thing in our daily life. So as a consumers, we
must be very sure on how we consume our food.

For the conclusion, I
reaffirmed my stand that food safety is important for our health. Nevertheless,
I also firmly believed that cleanliness and hygiene food can avoid us from
illness. Therefore, Ministry of Health (MOH) should do something that can make
people learn more about food hygiene such as organizing awareness campaign, to
make the Malaysian consume hygiene and clean food.

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