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The use of social networking in health care
is rising; the number of users is rising dramatically. Furthermore, social
networking can be beneficial and also serve as an educational functions and can
be used to communicate medical resources, however, social network can be
associated with range of important challenges. Some of those challenges can lead to breaches or law
suite if the system is used incorrectly. 
As a healthcare professional protecting the privacy of the patient is
essential. In this paper I will discuss the impact of social networking on
patient, doctors, and other healthcare professional, plus apps/ website and
case studies.


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network has the ability to influence health care services delivery and the
availability of health information to patient with the support of emerging
technologies which track, gather and quantify real-time medical data from
patients. Social network can publicly provider information to patient with the
freedom to educate themselves and take part in the in the decision process of
their healthcare and health. The use of social network as existed for decades. The
word “social media” and “social networking” tended to be used interchangeably.  Based on my research some believe social media
are utilized for broadcasting information, why social networking is a website
that allows individuals with the same or similar interest to share ideas or
information. The use of social networking in healthcare is a social tool for
medical teaching and practice. The use of social network brings varies benefit
such as a quicker and more efficient way to facilitate information to patients,
make communication between patient and physician quicker, transferring of
information between physicians are easier. However, social networking can
impact the privacy, confidentiality of the information being transferred or
exchanged between physician’s patients and other healthcare professionals.

Also, it impacts the professional boundaries of patients and doctor
relationship. Furthermore, the utilization of social network provides
healthcare the opportunity to improve communication and marketing, its no
secret that in healthcare today the failure of communication is the leading
cause of medical errors, which lead to deaths of patients.


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