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The human resources department strategically manage people
and business resources. This includes managing recruiting and hiring employees,
coordinating employee benefits and suggesting employee training and development

At all levels of the organization, managers and HR
professionals work together to develop employees’ skills. For example, HR
professionals advise managers and supervisors how to assign employees to
different roles in the organization, thereby helping the organization adapt
successfully to its environment.

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Below are the functions for which HR department is

Recruiting and selection

The human resource management team recruits potential
employees, oversees the hiring process like security check which is a
requirement for Ministry of Interior in UAE to get the working visa, and
provides new employee orientation. Human resource department prepare
advertisement after consultation with the department manager for which the
position is opened, shortlist CVs, conduct interviews and coordinate hiring
efforts with managers responsible for the department of the vacancy for which
interviews were conducted.

Employee relations

Employee relationship is one of the crucial functions of
human resource management, as employees are the pillars of any organization. It
is in good of the company itself to maintain good employee relations as it
impact employee performance and have the ability to influence behaviors and
work outputs.

HR department organize activities which will help to develop
good relations between employees and company and among employees itself.
Well-planned employee relations will promote a healthy and balanced relation
between the employee and the employer. It is the key for the organization to be

HR department strive to strengthen the employer-employee
relationship by taking measures to increase job satisfaction and resolving any
conflict at workplace.

Performance management and

HR department is responsible for the annual review of an
employee’s overall contributions to the company in coordination with his/her
manager. Performance appraisal is done annually to review and evaluate an
employee’s task achievements, skills and career growth. Appraisal are used to provide
employees with overall review on their performance and to justify pay increases
and bonuses, also if the appraisal is negative it can be used for demotion or
even termination of the employee.

Performance reviews are also an indicator employees and
their managers for the areas where employee might need training so it can be
used to create a plan for employee training and increased responsibilities, as
well as to identify shortcomings the employee could work to resolve.

Training and Development

Neusol is a software solution provider which is a rapidly
changing sector, so employees must be trained to adopt to the changing
technologies. Staff must be provided with tools for their success which, in
many cases, means giving new staff extensive induction training to help them
move to a new organizational culture.

 Human resources
department provide leadership training and professional development. Leadership
training may require new hiring and promotion of supervisors and managers on
topics such as performance management and how to deal with staff relations
issues at management level.

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