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The very idea of storing something away
basically means that you want it to be safe, secure, and protected, but that
you don’t want it in your local vicinity. For instance, if you have a painting
that you want to preserve for future use, or because it is worth a pretty
penny, you might not want it hanging in your hallway 24/7, but at the same
time, you don’t want it sitting in the garage, open to the elements either.


What do you do with this item?

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In this situation, storage is a great


The next quandary – where to store it?


We are living in an era where we value
items for their memories, just as much as what they are worth, and for that
reason, finding the right storage choice for your particular item is very
important. On top of this, you want to be organized,
and clutter-free. If you had online and search out storage options by region,
you’d find a lot of choice. For instance, if you were relocating to, let’s say
Dallas, you’d want to search for storage units Dallas,
and it would bring up a range for you to choose from. That’s where the tricky
decision comes in, because you’ll find a great, big long list to choose from!


Basically, you can whittle your choice
down to two main subsections when talking about household goods – indoor and
outdoor. It’s really that simple. As a side note, when we say ‘outdoor’, we
don’t literally mean propping your prized possession up in the garden, we’re
talking about an outdoor storage unit.


Let’s check each one out in turn.


Storage Units

These are large units which stand
independently to each other, and aren’t within rooms, i.e. we’re not talking
about a large building with several sections within it. These are often shaped
like garages or bungalows, and when you rent one for a set amount of time, you
have 24/7 access to it, usually via a traditional key. Are they secure? As
secure as a key can be, yes.


The upside of outdoor storage is that
they are the most affordable types, and you’ll find them in most towns and
cities too. They are designed to withstand the elements, so you don’t have to
worry about flooding or cold damage, and when you no longer require its use,
you simply ship out what you had stored in there and hand over the keys. Simple
and effective.


Storage Units

An indoor
storage unit is, as the name would suggest, indoors. This means it is a
room or a section within a large building, and your items are kept safe within
it. The plus side of indoor storage is that they are climate controlled, which
is perfect for paintings and furniture, because prevention is in place for
warping, yellowing, cracking, mould, etc.


To gain access, you usually have a key
code or card. The downside is that this type of storage is usually a little
more pricey, compared to the outdoor version we just talked about.


Making a decision is about having all the information
to hand, so now you know a little more about storage units, which will you cho

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