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The purpose of this study was to see if through cooking sessions and hands on activities, it can improve participants’ nutrition literacy and their stages of change. We predicted that there is an increase in their nutrition literacy as well as the readiness to change throughout the interventions that has been run. In this study, we have found out that those who came to the intervention has a slight increase in their readiness to change level but there is a higher increase in their nutrition literacy through the survey that has been done. Therefore, the hypothesis was supported for the increase in nutrition literacy. However, since there are not much changes in the readiness to change level, the hypothesis was then only supported partially for this task.


The findings of this study are consistent with those of Garcia et al. (2001), whereby cooking programmes can increase confidence and cooking skills in adults of different age groups and backgrounds. These cooking skill interventions and programmes can also have a positive effect on food literacy, in which are targeting on both improving confidence on cooking and consuming more fruits and vegetables. Driver et al. (2015) highlights that the findings are that participants did report an increase knowledge of understanding about the importance of a healthy and balanced meal following the intervention of cooking demonstration, taste testing, etc.

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These studies might have a significant impact in


One of the main limitations of our study was a relatively small sample size. Although it was large enough for valid statistical analysis and representative enough for the conclusions about the study population in question, it would be interesting to see the results of a similar investigation designed to all severely obese students of Republic Polytechnic. Also, we should always have in mind the fact that simple correlation cannot be considered as a proof of causality. 

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