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The product is an item that the company produces
to satisfy customer’s needs including both goods and services. In India, people
have a traditional belief, especially Hindus who cannot eat beef. Due to this
reason, our brand produces a vegetarian beef that made by using tofu as the
main ingredient to satisfy their needs. In addition, we provide the variety of
vegetarian beef menus that allow customers to have more choices of having the
meal with the brand such as– burger and spaghetti. Furthermore, the brand is
offering only vegetarian beef on our menus so customers are able to ensure that
our production process is deprived of non-vegetarian ingredients and confident
to purchase products from our brand. Moreover, all products are prepared by a
standard set of ingredients which are similar in appearance and taste in every
branch are being sold.

6.2 Price

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is the amount that the company or brand will charge from their customers for
purchasing the product from them. This is an important to determine firm’s
profit and survival and price can use as a strategy that affects customers’
demand by adjusting the price of their product. Our brand did not set the price
too low because our brand uses high quality and fresh ingredients for making
food to customers. In addition, they might have the perception that quality of
products is compromised if the brand set prices too low. Nonetheless, we offer
special prices with the meal set so that customers can get cheaper prices by
purchasing the meal set.

6.3 Place

place is the location where the firm sells the products, they have to concern
about distribution and position of the place to ensure where is accessible to
potential customers. We considered establishing our outlets in major cities in
India such as New Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Bangalore, Maharashtra, Hyderabad,
Ahmadabad, Visakhapatnam, and Surat, where the majority of people living and
more opportunities to do the business. Besides, we opened all our outlets
nearby public transportation, especially subway and also at the shopping areas
where have the high purchasing power caused rapid urbanization.


6.4 Promotion

can be advertising, sales promotion, social media and the public relation which
use to communicate with customers to increase demand for its products. We
provide television advertisement to reach the customers and invited the food
television programmers to review our vegetarian beef products. Moreover, we
also create social media that forming the community among people who interested
in our brand to sharing knowledge, respond the question, and keeping loyal
connections with the brand. As the global brand, the social media helps the
brand to promote internationally. In addition, we do sales promotion activities
by offering meal set promotion, gift coupons, special menu and promotion in
festival times. Promotion ways are used by the brand can build and gain demand
from customers and also communicate our messages clearly which are able to
attract customers.






6.5 Process

is the method which company offer a service to customers including after sale
services, ordering processes, and handling sales. In case of our brand, we
establish the same process for all branches for making food that the
specification for content, weight, and size are the same standard for all
outlets. Furthermore, raw materials and ingredients are supplied directly from
our community farming in India that can receive good quality and fresh
ingredients to produce quality food. A part of that, Indian use many languages
in the country so that our brand is providing the menu displays images that
build similarity of understanding everywhere. We also have delivery service for
all branches that taking 30 minutes to deliver our food to customer’s places. 

6.6 People

       People are directly in the business who are
involved in production process to selling process. Employees need to deliver
the services to customers so they are important for the organization. It is
necessary for the firm to provide training services to its all employees. So
that our staffs have trained in both customer focus and technical skill to work
for the brand. All staff in outlets are able to provide clearly answer to
customers. Moreover, we set a local management team that helps company to
understand Indian culture. The brand can understand the culture in the country
that helps to satisfy customers’ need before run the business into the market.
6.7 Physical Appearance

physical appearance of business which products are perceived in the market.
There is used to manipulate customer’s perception to the point of the brand
image. Our brand position is vegetarian beef fast food with the good taste
which has outlets in major cities of India. People who interested in our brand
are easy to reach the stores. Furthermore, all staff offers the service with
the smile to have a good relationship with our customers. A part of that, we
focus on clean and hygienic of our outlets which providing proper water
facilities and toilets in all the outlets.




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