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The problem of transport is the particular problem of linear programming must affect the optimal amount of a product that are transported from different points at different points in the request for the cost of transportation of a minimum (Hillier and Liberia, 2001).There is a lot of literature on the subject of the investigation on the issue of transport.Due to certain uncontrollable factors, hunters, and Zadeh (1970), and Zadeh (1978), the concept of a clear solution quantitatively with inaccurate information in decision-making in many situations of demand and/or supply and the cost of coefficients of a transportation problem can be unsafe.Zimmermann (1978), has shown that the solutions through linear programming always effectively. Subsequently, Zimmermann developed a linear programming ambiguous vague in several methods for the optimization of the solution of transport problems.In many real life situations, it is not possible to determine that both the unit cost of transportation and the quantities, but the numbers are unclear, which provides a better approximation of them. OhEigeartaigh (1982) considers that if the composition of demand functions are unclear, triangular shapes of Verkehrsprobleme has been resolved and that the method of the table. And Chanas Kulej (1984) proposed a method for solving a linear programming problem defined at all with triangular membership functions resources. Chanas et al. (1984) presented a model of linear programming confusing to solve transport problems with supply and demand and the values of the coefficient of costs. Lai and Hwang (1992), the transport model, the solution of the problem, when the quantities are unclear and the prices are net prices. Kuchta Chanas and (1996), the concept of the best solution to the problem of the circulation of the coefficients confusing algorithme expressed clear figures and developed to obtain the optimal solution. Kuchta Chanas and (1998), have a algorithme, resolves the problem of the circulation of the values of supply and demand, and the whole of the issue of the solution. Liu and Kao (2004) has established a procedure for the determination of the value of the clear objective clear transportation problem, the amount of the supply and demand and the cost of the coefficients are many, of course, is based on the principle of enlargement.Kumar and Kaur (2011) proposed two new methods to solve transportation unclear to overcome the weaknesses and limitations of current methods. You have shown that it is better to the use of the methods proposed with regard to the current methods to resolve some problems of transport is not clear. Murugesan and Kumar (2012) provided an optimal solution for the transport defined at all with triangular membership functions. Have occupied a new triangular operations arithmetiques confused with figures of the best solutions.

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