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The “pre-show” for this production was very well developed and well organized. The

theatre company made it easy for the audience members to ease into their positions as, of course,

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For a community theatre production, I thought it was a very well developed and

professional-like play. The story was well portrayed, the actors played their parts very well, the

costumes looked authentic, and the scenery and background were creative. When it comes to the

story and the plot, it was a bit hard to follow and a little difficult to keep track of all the

characters since there were so many, but once you knew who was who and the story behind each

character, the story itself was much more understandable to follow and to enjoy it. The main plot

of the play is the epic love battle between four different characters. Demetrius, played by John

Jackson, is in love with and is supposed to marry Hermia, who is played by Cathy Carson, but

Hermia is in love with Lysander, who is played by Steve Smith. Lysander loves Hermia back

but he is supposed to marry Helena, who is played by Jenny Jones, and Helena is in love with

Demetrius but he does not love her back. To help show which character loves which character

and to show who everyone is meant to be with, the costume designer made their costumes match.

For instance, Hermia and Lysander both wore maroon while Demetrius and Helena wore navy

blue. Once you finally get a grasp of who loves who, the story is quite amazing and I thoroughly

enjoyed this play.


When it comes to the actors, I believe most of them played very convincing and effective

parts. Jean Jefferson, who played Puck, was an absolute joy to watch every time she came on

the stage. She was funny, witty, and sarcastic, and she played her role very well. Richard

Right, who played Theseus and Oberon, was the perfect match for those roles. Richard is a

large man with a deep and intimidating voice and both Theseus and Oberon are powerful and higher rank characters so it was a perfect match for him to play as those roles.


Bill Butler, on the other hand, who played Egeus and Snug, was not very convincing in his roles. It seemed like he just memorized his lines and was just trying to read them off of an imaginary script in his head.  Another character in which I believed had a negative aspect to the play was Philostrata, played

by Angela Anderson. I just thought the character was not necessary to the story and that the

audience did not need a fairy to summarize each scene for us. Every time a scene was about to

end, the audience knew because she would crouch on the corner of the stage and “listen” to the

other characters, then once those characters exited the stage, she would summarize what would

happen in which ended up being repetitive and somewhat annoying.


In A Midsummer Night’s Dream , there is not really a key climax to the play, only gradual

moments that cause some tension. What can technically be called the climax of this play could

be the tensions and quarrels between lovers due to the magic that were put on Demetrius and

Lysander by Puck. The climax was enhanced by having the audience see the build up of when

Puck dropped the magic spells on the two men and how much the spells negatively affected the

women after the men were put under.


The technical aspects of the performance were all around very well done. The costumes

seemed very authentic and perfect for the time period that the play takes place in, which is

around the late 1500’s, specifically around 1595 or 1596 (Sparknotes). The makeup looked very

well done, especially on Puck and Philostrata since they were fairies. The sound, however, could

have been better. Whoever was in charge of the mics on the actors had a difficult time keeping

up with the script and adjusting the levels of the mics when the actors spoke their lines. Also, the

timing of the sound effects could have been a little bit more in tune with the actions that were

going on during that scene. The lighting was very well done as well, going along with the

costumes and makeup. Everything was well lit and if there was a change in mood, the lights

changed with it.


After further review, A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare and produced by Bridge Players Theatre Company was overall a very well produced play. I believe the theme that Shakespeare himself, along with the theatre company, is to just follow your heart. Follow what you love and who you love and you will forever be happy. I believe that the actors portrayed that theme very well and played off of their own emotions to get what they wanted. With the actors having that drive in their performances, that makes the audience feel the same drive and if they feel that drive, I would deem this a successful performance.”


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