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The quote ‘..what you must do with ease, you first learn with diligence’ has been a driving force that inspired and propelled me to crave for more knowledge daily. Education is a vital part of human existence because it enhances not only employ-ability but also social inclusion and personal development.The field software engineering is an inexhaustible field with boundless possibilities to trying out and the instant knowledge of the outcome that motivates one for further analysis.I am so much passionate about the graduate study because it will not only refine my knowledge and skills in my area of study but also it will give the right direction to my career as a research professional at an academic, commercial and research-oriented bodies.This stands as the major intention why I am pursuing an M.Sc degree.

My romance with computer science and engineering started fully in the year 2007 after switching from studying pure chemistry to studying computer engineering at Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife Nigeria(OAU), one of the top 5 universities in Nigeria.The assiduity used in preparing academics curriculum at OAU, gave me a consolidated knowledge as I was introduced to various courses related to software engineering like ,Numerical Computation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Languages, Principles of Compilers,Data structures, Algorithms and Embedded Systems. All the skills acquired through studying and putting into practice gave me the fortitude to design and implement a Web-based D.

C motor speed controller, as my final year project. It was developed with the aim of automating the processes in industries which are heavily dependent on D.C motors, by controlling the speed and direction of D.C motor remotely thereby making Industrial processes smart.

This project was highly appreciated by the University community.I have given in to so many studies personally, which I believe gave me the confidence to participate in various programming challenges, I couldn’t forget, IEEE challenge, Nacoss Code week, IQ Niche coding sessions, etc. I have done various online courses like Big Data and Data Science from Big data university and Data science in real life from the Coursera.I practiced for four years as an Enterprise Software Engineer at Venture Garden Group Nigeria and presently I am working as an Enterprise application developer at Lagoon hospitals Nigeria, apart from that, I am a freelance developer and I have been able to develop, managed and supported life used applications.Visual Studio and SQL server Management studio serves as my Integrated Development Environments for 6 years up to date.

I am proficient in web application development using the MVC5, C#, Java, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, NHibernate, Store procedures, Entity framework, Restful Web API, WCF etc. coupled with my excellent database administration and management skill, validating store procedures, views, etc.My front-end web application programming skill is vibrant as I am accustomed to HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, AngularJs, and Jquery even Mobile Application development(IOS, Android, and my windows) using xamarin C#.

My experience with document orientated Databases like Mongo Db and Elastic search is also ample.I have a good knowledge of software design patterns and software life cycle development, also I have a good knowledge of code version control tools like GIT, SVN, and TFS, not to forget the continuous integration tools like Jenkins and GO.I have been opportune to work on various challenging software projects which cut across the various sector of Nigeria’s economy such as the Vice President Monitoring dashboards, Lagos streetlight monitoring system, Power-collect for the power sector, Avi-collect in the aviation sector, Edu-portal for the education sectors to mention but a few, I considered Nigerian Vice President dashboard challenging as well as Interesting because of the various complex economic concepts I learnt in the process.The Vice President of our country sits and controls the affairs of the nation’s economy and due to the fact that my team has gathered data over the years from various government software applications, we are indeed a team to rely on when there was a need for such application.Based on this customized dashboards were developed by following all necessary data science principles up to the level of data visualizations, the challenges involve sharpening the way I think about data and the economy.

Another application of great interest to me was the one I did as a freelance developer.It was a data cleaning and reporting applications for Smart flow technologies Nigeria.The concept of the application was to clean the data log of fuel pumps in various locations and generating reports weekly based on the volume of fuel dispensed with there corresponding monetary values. Understanding the data through the meta-data was not an easy task, also a lot of strings manipulation adopted in reading the log and representing it in a way client will understand.Despite the challenges around the job, my ability and diligence to deliver even before deadline gives me a lot of fulfillment and serves as an extra boost that created an inner urge to continue in the line of Enterprise Software.Please follow this link to my public repositories https://github.

com/Oluyide It includes projects I did as a freelance developer.The University of Tartu is a perfect fit for me to extend my academic pursuits in computing, as it is at the heart of Estonia; the most digital country in the world, and often tagged ‘Silicon Valley of Europe’. Also, from students testimonials have seen the UT has an up-to-date methodology and highly qualified lecturers, and even UT is ranked among the top 250 universities in the world in computer science. I would be grateful to you if I am accorded the opportunity to pursue my graduate studies in Software Engineering.Yours FaithfullyOlumide Olugbenga Oluyide

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