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The newly launched “dry” shampoo product although had grabbed a good attention of the targeted customers at the marketplace initially, however, the demand had declined subsequently. It has significantly cast a negative impact on the brand value of the organization. The demand for a number of popular products is also low these days, resulting in the organization facing severe revenue generation challenge. Possible reasons for this failure assumed by the company are a poor marketing strategy, teething competition by the available alternative and similar products. Further, delay in market entry, incorrect positioning, and poor after sales service are also additional failures. However, a number of other problems are often mentioned by the employees of the organization like poor coordination between the marketing and sales team, failure to understand the actual demand of the market, low investment, poor promotional strategy and so on. Hence, conducting a research survey would help to unearth the actual problems of this unfortunate performance.Research Objectives:Objectives set for this particular study basically targets:• To determine the reasons of gradual decline of ‘dry’ shampoo.• To analyze the customer’s opinion regarding this particular product.• To suggest the possible measures that should be undertaken to revitalize the market demand.Population of Interest:In order to collect data, the targeted customers of ‘dry’ shampoo are needed to interrogate. For this, our population of interest is women, young consumers, students, and professionals, as these are our prime customers. Application of open-ended quantitative research approach can prove to be quite significant in this regard.Fitting of problems within the environmental context:Both the internal and external marketing policies taken up by the organization to place the product on the market has failed. Apart from that, it has been quite difficult for the organization to understand the basic demand of the customers of the market place. Losing of brand value would lead the organization to lose the competitive advantage of the market.

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