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The partnering era has started in
the 1990s and still exist today. It concentrates more on establishing good
relationships with customers instead of just keeping it as selling and
purchasing relation. It focused on both customers’ and sellers’ long-term needs
(, 2007). In this era, the
role of the salesperson is value creation, provision of choices and the
substitutes products that customers could buy for instance: Personal selling
has evolved quite a lot. In the current time and this age, the salespeople
priority is to fulfil customers’ needs and meet their expectations whereas they
were just required to sell the products and services at any cost. Back then the
salespeople were aggressive and pushy to carry out their job and sell products and
services and they were different than they are now. Personal selling has also
evolved due to the advanced technology and because salespeople can easily make
communications with customers using the internet instead of talking face to
face. Since technology was not accessible back then as it is nowadays I can say
that it has played an effective role in the evolution of personal selling.

Partnering Era

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 The marketing era has taken place between 1960s and
1990s. Its focused more on the customers’ satisfaction and their short-term
needs. The salespeople had to do more work in this era when they were required
to solve problems and to provide the customers with the services and products
that they need.

Marketing Era

The sales era existed between 1930s
and 1960s. It included sales making in any way. The Salespersons were required
to be persuasive and convincing to push people to buy their products. 

Sales Era

 In the 20th century in the 1930s
particularly the only challenge for business was to provide the goods and
services they sell and make sales. The sales people job was to take customers’
orders and deliver their order.

production of era

The personal selling has showed
extreme development over the time. Four Era’s exist which are about production,
sales, marketing and partnering era.

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