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The average global temperature has increased since
1880.  Both lands and ocean as well as
the atmosphere are getting warmer. This temperature rise is called global
warming which can also referred as climate change. Global warming is one of the
most discussed issue over the past few years. Many climate change deniers have
argued that global warming is not real or there has been a “slowdown” in rising
global temperature. The truth is that the earth’s climate has changed
throughout the history and climate change is a major problem that can affect us
and changes our lives. Recent data has shown that human activities are causing
and speeding up the process of global warming. Agree or disagree, scientific
evidence for global warming is unambiguous. People should act now to protect
our planet.

There are many researches, statistics, and data that proves
climate change is factual. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric
Administration (NOAA), global temperature has raised by 1.7-degree Fahrenheit
since 1880. This might be seeming like a small number, but it can create enormous
impact on our planet. To begin with, the raise of global temperature can heat
up the ocean. It can melt ice around the world specifically at the Earth’s
pole. This include ice sheets covering Greenland and Antarctica and mountain
glacier. Ice melting can affect both human and animals. Polar bear is one of
the most iconic animal that is affected by global warming. Seal which is one of
their main prey require a safe ice platform to reproduce and nurse their
children. Without sea ice, seals will need to find a new place to give birth to
their children. If they cannot find a suitable ice for them to give birth, they
will reproduce in the water and the baby seals may die. Because of lack of ice
sheets, polar bears will not be able to find food due to decrease of the seals
population. Also, both seals and polar bear will lose their natural habitat
because they live on ice. Furthermore, melting glacier and polar ice caps and
ice loss from Greenland and West Antarctica can cause the sea level to rise. The
global sea level has been rising constantly, even a minor increase can have
disastrous effect on coastal habitat. As the seawater reaches inland, it will
cause flooding, erosion, agricultural soil contamination and lost habitat for
fish, birds and plant. Sea level rises do not only affect animals, human can
lose their home because of flooding. So, what causes global warming? Most
climate scientists agree that human expansion of the “greenhouse effect”, the
warming that happens when certain gases in the Earth atmosphere traps heat, is
the main cause of the global warming. Human begun to contribute to global
warming since the start of the industrial revolution. Human burn fossil fuels,
oil, coal and gases for power, and heat. During the combustion process, carbon
dioxide and other air pollutants are created. Normally, the heat from sunlight
and solar radiation would bounced off the earth surface and went back to space,
but because of the carbon dioxide (CO2) and other air pollutants produced by
human, the heat is trapped by these gases and cause the planet to get warmer. In
the United States, burning of fossils fuels to make electricity is the main
factor of heat-trap pollution and producing about one to two billion tons of
carbon dioxide each year. Transportation sector is the second largest source of
carbon pollution which generate about 1.6 billion tons of carbon dioxide
emission every year. The industrial activities that our modern civilization depends upon have
raised atmospheric carbon dioxide levels from 280 parts per million to 400 parts
per million in the last 150 years

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