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The Feline Concerto is a 1947 American one-reel enlivened toon and is the 29th Tom and Jerry cartoon delivered in Techinicolor in 1946 and discharged to theaters in 1947 by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. It won the 1946 Foundation Honor for Best Short Subject:Cartoon. In 1994, it was voted #42 of the 50 Biggest Drawing ever by individuals from the movement field. The short won the team their fourth continuous Institute Honor for Best Enlivened Short Film. Contentshide Plot Notes Outer Connections Recordings Plot Alter A show is going to be shown on a phase set in an assembly room. Simply at that point, Tom, a piano player, turns out from one side of the window ornaments and the group of onlookers cheers. He bows, takes a seat, alters his seat, wipes his hands on a material and begins playing a piece by Liszt. Part route into the melody, he wipes his hands once more, modifies his tie and returns his attire up, at that point begins playing once more. While he plays, Jerry is mulling over the piano, however is moved while Tom plays. Jerry awakens when Tom rehashes a key. Jerry bounces and falls on a string. Tom keeps on playing. Jerry sees Tom and takes enthusiasm, waving the key examples. Tom flicks him over into the piano. Jerry at that point shows up under a key, however Tom plays it. When he stops, Jerry keeps running under the keys. Tom plays the keys he was under and proceeds onward. Tom continues to play 2 keys. It ought to have ceased however Jerry rehashes them from within the piano. Tom bonks Jerry and proceeds onward, however Jerry powers the key way to compel close, straightening Tom’s hands. Jerry at that point tries to cut his fingers off yet Tom is snappy. Jerry at that point replaces 2 keys with a mouse trap. Tom succumbs to it and his fingers turn red. Jerry at that point plays, however Tom plays his own particular tune to get him off. Subsequent to ensuring Jerry would not strike back he began playing once more, but rather Jerry begins playing his own particular tune. Tom pushes some keys and puts him under his seat, at that point he began playing once more. Jerry peeps out and raises the seat, at that point brings down it, making him fall. Tom gets Jerry and sticks him between the keys inside the piano, as though to state, “You will get it, sir!” at that point plays a tune to pound Jerry. Jerry gets frantic, snaps 2 keys and plays his own particular tune. Tom plays another tune also, at that point Jerry stops. Tom needed to finish the melody yet Jerry lifts move down with his tune. Tom rehashes his tune, and endeavors to get it as Jerry begins playing the tune once more. Tom at last closures the tune and gets puppy tired falling close to the piano, while the gathering of people adulations for Jerry who has recently dressed himself in a supper coat as it were.

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