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The small things stand out the most. Her long socks with shorts, her colourful clothing, her chicken ala king with champagne, the aroma of her kitchen or a “woo” from the other side of the door letting you know it was all right to come in. I’ll remember her singing along to Michael Buble or cheering for  Roger Federer. All of these things feel as though they have just happened.

I’m almost certain everyone here has fond memories of Granny Ana like mine. They are all immaculate and cherishable memories. You barely come across anyone so special that she stays with you forever. Granny Ana was that kind of person.

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 The way humans get hurt in life is by caring. Granny Ana cared so much, loved more than most and was made to suffer a lot because of just how much she cared.

The amount of times Granny Ana endured things no-one should was remarkable, but she embraced these life experiences and came back loving and caring more. This meant she opened herself up to even more pain. Besides all of this, there was never any bitterness or complaining.

The unconditional love Granny Ana had for us was immense. She may not have approved of everything we did, like my occasionsanal swear word, she  may not have liked some of the decisions we made, like shooting the neighbours with paintball guns, but she didn’t tell us off, she did not judge.   Even after these ill actions and decisions, we could count on her to listen, to comfort and to help.

Granny Ana lived a hard-working and simple life. A late night call, a kiss before bed and a cheeky card was more than enough to make Granny Ana happy.  We all meant the entire world to her. Granny Ana’s main goal in life was to make others’ lives better.

There is a part of Granny Ana in each of us, something that she gave to us and asked nothing for in return.

Money can be fought over and ruined, but what we inherit from her cannot be damaged, or lost. It will last forever, and it keeps her from becoming just a wonderful memory. It allows Granny Ana to be alive through us.

So, for your wisdom, your humor, tenderness and compassion, your understanding, your patience and your love, thank you, Granny Ana. I love you.

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