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The market israpidly changing, especially at the turn of the last few years.

Newmarkets are emerging, new brands are expanding and the existing canal blocksare expanding. Atthe rate at which brands change and shape, the market also changes to suitcustomers. However,it is still an economic activity aimed at determining the needs and desires ofthe clients of a given organization. Marketing,however, is something more than a philosophy of getting clients through theirtrust and permanently building relationships with them. Tounderstand how marketing works, you first need to know what marketing is? “Themanagement process of anticipating, identifying and satisfying customerprofitably” (CIM, 2001). PeterDrucker is the leading thinker of marketing who has defined marketing asfollows: “The aim of marketing is to know and to buy the product.”Themost basic idea at the heart of marketing is the needs of people, and this isthe reason behind thinking in 1994 to anyone known then, Jeff Bezos founded acompany called Amazon, which initially sold books. Thanksto the knowledge acquired at the University on marketing and the basic needs ofthe client, he created the world e-marketing giant who is responsible for 43%of all trade in America.

Thepurpose of studying marketing is to acquire skills and knowledge for studentsto continue to use in the future and to understand customer needs and theability to use. Marketing Studies develop and show us customerbehavior models and factors. Understanding the client and his needs isimportant in marketing.

For example, a small Fiat can mean everyday means oftransport, low price andfuel economy, while Mercedes – comfort, luxury and prestige. With given desiresand resources there is a demand for these products that will provide maximumsatisfaction. Marketing attaches great importance to understanding the client’sneeds and to deeply understand him. Providing clients with value andsatisfaction is the very essence of modern thinking and marketing. Thecompanies know that when they take care of their clients, it will bring profitsand great interest.

In industrial societies, one can try to find orinvent objects that can satisfy these needs, for people living in lessdeveloped societies to limit the needs and be content with what is available.Human desires are a form of human needs, shaped by culture and individualpersonality traits. As the societies develop, the desires of theirmembers grow, hence the producers try to provide even more products andservices that theseThe basic human needs are not much (eg food, shelter), but the desires seem unlimited.However, people’s resources are limited, so they choose products that willprovide for the money they spendthe most satisfaction. Human needs supported by the ability to pay- that ispurchasing power – they become demand.

Consumers see Demand products as acollection of benefits. So they choose a product that, for their money, willgive them Human Desires supported by the richest collection.

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