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The Agency I am going to discuss about is the
Air Force. The Air Force is one of the finest branches in the Military. The Air
Force airman are highly trained to succeed at their job at all times. The
mission of the United States Air Force is to Soar, Flight and succeed in the

There are several Core values in the Air
Force. First, Integrity first, which means to be trustworthy to yourself and
the United States you’re serving. Secondly: service before self, understanding
that the Air Force isn’t just another job, but it is something someone has to
be willing to sacrifice their life for. Third: Having a great support system,
understanding someone won’t be able to be an airman without family or friends
because family and friends are going to be the ones to lift up their spirt when
it’s down. The Air Force mission is to allow an individual to achieve his or
her personal and professional goal while taking pride in being a part of the
Air Force.

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There is a chain of command Structures for the
air force that has to be followed by anyone who wants to be an Airmen. First; a
person can be a part of a section, place where he or she would be working at. A
section requires at least two people. Next, an individual can be a part of a
Flight, at least two Airman are required as well.  There are three types of Flight: Numbered, Alpha, and Functional. A
numbered is an incorporate small missions to be completed. Alpha is a mixture
of Airman to complete identical mission. Functional is an Airman being assigned
to a specific mission. Then there is being a part of a squadron, although it is
the lowest level of command it is also very important. A group is something a
person can be a part of in the Air Force, which is to do other assignments with
other Airmen’s. Once a person has been a part of a group he or she goes to the
wing. There is only one wing on the base, there is always a commander there
that is often considered to be the “Installation Commander”.  There are two types of wings; The Composite
Wing and the Objective wing. The composite wings have numerous of mission that
are all different while the objective wings have operational missions such as
air combat, flying training, or airlift. After the Wing there is being a part
of a Numbered Air Force which is usually assigned for geographical purposes and
primarily used only during wartime. Last, after reporting to the wings, Airmen
report directly to their major command that organized their missions.

All Airman’s have different people to report
to determining that Airmen ranking, whether or not it’s their commander chief
or their major. Once you are in the military, there are steps you take which
the military prefer to called them “ranks” of being able to get higher up and
getting the promotions he or she wants in the military. There are a lot ranks
in the military but I am only going to discuss a few. The first rank is called
Airman Basic, which starts off paying you monthly although many Airman’s skip
that rank and go straight to Airman, which basically have the same responsibilities
as the Airman Basic, the only difference is higher pay and have more
responsibility. Then he or she can become an Airman First class who will have
authority over a company and instead of getting paid monthly, that person will
get salary pay. After an individual went through those ranks they have a higher
chance getting promoted to a high rank that requires a lot more pay.

There are different ways to gain positions and
get promotions in the Air Force. One can be after he or she receive their
college degree or it can be where an Airman is rank at, he or she can be an
officer just by having their college degree. One of the popular ways to gain a
high position in the military is simply being recruited in your field. Old
members tend to have leadership qualities that were learned through their time
of employment, and they are generally more mature and able to handle responsibility
better under stress because they are familiar with how things operate.

The air force recruitment process is simply
easy. Usually once you got sworn in the military. You get assigned to a
specific job and he or she is asking to that job to the best of their ability. Depending
on he or she performance he or she will be promoted in their field. Normally
it’s a good thing to be promoted in while a person is already in the military
because, that person knows a lot more than a person being promoted to the
military when they have no experience of the military. Recruiters prefer to
look for recruiters already in the military because of the information that
endure but not always.

In Conclusion, being in the Air Force is a
great opportunity for someone’ career. It will teach them about Bravery, also
will give them strength and give them a chance to travel the world. I would
love to be a part of the military after I graduate college. 

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