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TheEnglish languageisconsidered to be aworld language because of its statusas a mother tongue outside England. Nowadays,English is thelanguage of differentfields such asbusiness, technology, sport and aviation. Amongthe official languages used as means of communication in aviation,such as English, French, Spanish and Russian, English plays adominant role. Much of the flights are and were set within nationalcontext where English is considered as the official language.

TheEnglish language is used as the mostcommon language among members of the international crew-cab;semi-artificial sublanguage based on the English language provides astandard means of verbal communication between pilots and air trafficcontrollers in English-speaking countries involving internationalairports. This proves a substantial value of linguistic study of theEnglish language. Sinceair travel was expanding during the 20th century, there were somesecurity concerns about the ability incommunication between pilotsand air?traffic?controllers.In 1951, the International?Civil?Aviation?Organization(ICAO)recommended in “ICAO Annex 10 ICAO (Vol I, 5. to theInternational?Chicago?Convention”that Englishbeuniversally used for “international aeronautical radiotelephonycommunications.” In spite of the fact that it was only arecommendation, ICAO aviation English was widely acknowledged.

However, investigating 28,000 Aviation Safety Reporting Systemreports since 2001, it hasbeenfound that 70% of the accidents occurred due to lack of communicationbetween pilots and air traffic controllers. Thus, in 2003, expertpanel released appropriate Annexes to the documents of 1951 whichmade the English language the ICAO standard introduced industry withthe leveled English language proficiency measurements. Asmentioned above, English has been the language of air travel since atleast the 1950’s. But this status was further enshrined in 2008when ICAO introduced language proficiency requirements. People whoare working in aviation fieldarenow required to take regular tests to prove their knowledge of theEnglish language, to improve communication skills and enhance safetyin the sky.Thehistoryof mankind hasalways been the historyofattemptsto find the universal way of communication.

It is an indisputablefact, that such a serious field as aviation needs freedom fromambiguities and,asa consequence,one language to communicate. The question is why theEnglish language is the official language of aviation wheninternational aviation personnel need a language which is easilylearned. As for me, I believe that English is the best language foraviation, but there are also a lot of arguments against it.

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