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The advanced ways technology and
the media have both effectively mass communicated information and entertainment,
has impacted a worldwide spectacle that reflects on daily life of society. Amongst
the entertainment industry, cultural products come in the forms of television, radio,
magazines, films and the internet, the media influences our societal attitudes has
implicated personas of all kinds.  This
dissertation aims to analyse a selection of films that stage as fiction
starting to emerge in our contemporary world, and challenge our perception of
reality. The fine line between fact and fiction has always been complicated however,
on some level the truth being humanity and the fiction being what we imagine;
intangible thoughts all somewhat coexist in the shaping of social culture. I
compiled several studies that I thought best define the shift from the
authentic world we live in now to the illusion of the outside world that
contemporary society seeks, I also looked at how their studies have manifested
through films we watch today such as science fiction where we have some insight
of the outlook on our future, and the behaviours in society. The discussion of
these issues is contemplated thoroughly in this study. 

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