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The South was left in chaos in both the political and
economic aspect of things after the Civil War. After the conclusion of the
Civil War, the South lost their right to have slaves due to slavery being
abolished. The abolition of slavery caused a great deal of mess for the South
as that was their main part of capital. During the Reconstruction period,
Lincoln decided against punishing the South for what they did during the Civil
War. After Lincoln was assassinated, Johnson became president and had other
plans for reconstruction than Lincoln had. The Southerners had other plans for
how they were going to re build and shape themselves after the civil war. After
the Civil War ended, the Southern states decided in making laws called the “Black
Codes”. The “Black Codes” were such laws that limited the rights of former
slaves that were recently freed after the abolition of slavery (Murrin 389).  Another attempt the Southerners tried to shape
their post-Civil War economy was that the government tried to enforce a thing
called the “Freedmen’s Bureau”, which was an attempt at helping the recently
freed slaves to get onto their feet after being sold into slavery for a long
time. The Freedmen’s Bureau put in place some food rations, and supervised
labor to ensure that the white and blacks got along in the South (Murrin 389).
The Southern states attempted to preserve their as much of their culture as
possible by making sure that recently freed black slaves were unable to vote in
elections and made sure they were segregated from the white population as well.
 In a result of this, Congress passed an
act called the Reconstruction Acts of 1867, which attempted to force the South
to allow black males to vote in elections rather than withholding them from
voting, since they are indeed now U.S. citizens and no longer “property”.  All of these acts enforced by the Southern
states as well as the government helped try to fix the Southern economy and
political side of things after the Civil War left all of the South in complete
chaos and shambles. 

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