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The services or things in form of product can be purchased, sell by using online technologies for users of E-commerce. E-commerce is different from traditional customer behaviour as various changes for the various features like process of collecting information, type of impersonal, easiness and so on. Precisely the sequential separation seen among consumers and physical circulation of peoples creates uncertainty for product and uniqueness which rises the fear of web retailer speculation for the marketers. Online source is also data-mined and used  by multiple parties, thus uncertainly in the uniqueness of transaction medium by creating and open high-tech set-up of transactions (Weber & Kauffman, 2011).

International success of a business depends how much they can satisfy on cultural issues. Market and consumer behaviour has lot of differences from one society to another. Survey done in America, statistics amount of internet users among various cultures with different views of trust, and as such, view aspects of the e-commerce experience with differing degrees of importance (Senarathna, Warren, Yeoh, & Salzman, 2014).

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     Better prices, time savings, usability and availability are important factors for attracting individuals to buy through the Internet. For instance, ‘better prices’ is one of the factor influencing individuals to select the Internet use and for their purchases to all four cultural groups which are mentioned in this study.

  (Uncertainty avoidance (UAI) individualism and collectivism (IDV)), (Low IDV, high IDV, low UAI, and high UAI). For less IDV, ‘time savings’ is considered primary factor. The better price is a main factor considered in the groups mostly. It is clear with the differences in the cultural factors of different group of people by this UAI and IDV comparison. For low UAI (uncertainty avoidance) well price factor is essential considering high IDV, low IDV (individualism context) for high UAI countries online shopping preferences are there. The high UAI peoples think online purchase is cheaper. “Availability” is an important feature for low UAI also with high IDV. “Connivance” is the preference for high UAV and low IDV. The changes in low and high IDV, UAI ratios in different countries can bring changes to the e- companies. So in case of cash transaction through online is considered as risky choice by high UAI (Liga Maria Bohn 2006).

    The number of internet users are high, uneducated people also use internet in order to improve their knowledge, even if the consumers are ready to buy some product or service through online it depends upon the trust, time saving, less taxation than in the shop, better prices and lack of sales pressure etc. Also about the type of traditions in different countries can make changes in doing E-commerce for example a study conducted by Lowe is mentioning that some Chinese students and some Australians students have different point of view and value of responses, For Chinese people tradition is more important than Australians so it can affect number of users who are ready to adopt the E-commerce Chinese people will use it less than Australian people. World widely e-commerce is not accepted or adopted by consumers. Therefore, e-commerce online transaction needed to maintain trust of consumers is vital. The constant development of e-commerce widely depend upon the consumer trust achievement. The importance of e-commerce trust is increased due to the global nature along with openness in the transaction. The trust and privacy interlinked and about the privacy, security matters. Various other researchers also pointed out the trust issues of customer in e –commerce. The web retailing has expectations of confidentiality for the online transaction process. By which trust created in e-commerce is the confidence that web retailer will perform activities, though it exists the object that regardless consumer capability to switch actions of retailer. Hence trust impacted by flexibility in the own reliability of e-commerce (Pavlou & Chai, 2002).

 India as country itself has variety of cultures across states and the main thing behind the wide usage of E-commerce is because it is cheaper cost, availability and time saving for people. Also, literacy rate is one of the factor but now a day’s illiterate people also use Internet a lot in India, also it is easy for consumers to use Internet and purchase goods because of high traffic and riding vehicle or finding parking places in thick populated cities it is harder for them to go directly but easier for them to use Internet purchasing. These cultural Factors have made changes and increased the number of users.

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