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The majority of these buildings utilize hybrid structural systems that combine concrete,steel,and a variety of engineered wood.Products including cross-laminated timber (CLT) panels, laminated veneer lumber (LVL),laminated strand lumber (LSL), and glue-laminated timber (GLT). However, interest in the use of mass-timber building products for mid-rise and high-rise construction in North America is expanding, as demonstrated by the growing number of innovative projects and incentives. This growth is driven by technical advances in the design, manufacture, and construction of products and structural systems,as well as by recognition of the environmental advantages of wood as a renewable resource that sequesters carbon.The Initiative overall objective is to link scientific advances with technical expertise to showcase the application,practicality, and environmental benefits of structural building solutions that are innovative and wood-based.      Brock Common’s structural system is designed as a hybrid configuration. The foundations, ground floor, and building cores are reinforced, cast-in-place concrete. The concrete second-floor slab acts as a transfer slab between the concrete and the wood structures and allows the ground-floor structural grid to be independent of the wood structural grid. The structural gravity load system of floors 3 to 18 consists of GLT columns and CLT floor panels, with PSL columns replacing the GLT in high-load areas on floors 2 to 5. Point connections between columns and slabs consist of hollow structural section steel assemblies.The decision to adopt a hybrid structure was driven by the design requirements and tight approval deadlines.The complexity of providing the necessary support for the lateral forces associated with a tall wood structure made it unfeasible to pursue mass-timber solutions for the building cores due to the amount of time that would be needed to create the innovative designs and secure approvals for them.Also, on the ground floor, the use of a concrete structure allowed for high clearances and large spans in Brock Commons’ public spaces and provided non-combustible spaces to house large mechanical and electrical services. HYBRID STRUCTURAL SYSTEM: Wood structure componentsCLT panels, and GLT and PSL columns Cast in place reinforced concrete structureground-floor columns, transfer slab, andconcrete cores.  Cast in place reinforced concrete foundationSpread footings, perimeter strip footing, andraft slabs.      

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