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best medicine of all is to teach how not to need it. The prime factors that
determine the quality of our life, in today’s fast paced world are health and
well-being of an individual. Dr. Pani Shankar BDS, He
was my inspiration to become a Dentist; The numerous dental camps he conducted
in my locality, the concern he had on our society’s Oral health is what became
deep seated in my heart and mind to become a Dentist. My wish became true; I
became a dentist for which I am very grateful because I gained immense
knowledge about the health field through the course curriculum. And now my
yearning for specialization in this field compels me to do Masters in Public
health where the possibility for innovation and research is immeasurable.

My undergraduate course was well framed and included
a lot of interesting subjects like biochemistry,
microbiology, physiology, oral and general pathology; clinical subjects like
periodontics, endodontics, and prosthodontics, etc. apart from the general
and clinical subjects I was truly fascinated with public health dentistry, I
was inspired and motivated with the subject because I got to meet a community
of people from rural/urban area help educate and prevent them from diseases. I
believe gaining insight from this program will help me set my career path

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During my third year of college education, I had the
opportunity to present a paper on The
prevalence of periodontal disease among smokers and non-smokers in general
population under the department of public health dentistry at my college 9th
annual symposium conducted by the department for which my paper was judged as
the best paper presented, this really enhanced my confidence and also the
ability to put my thoughts into action and words in a coherent manner; which I
believe is a vital quality for a public health professional.

I happened to organize my first dental screening
camp in conjunction with a medical camp during my third year. I was very
fortunate to get this chance and took it as a huge opportunity. Since then I
have attended 30 Dental camps and I have organized 15 Dental camps. This
incident had thrown open the doors to a whole new world; where I observed the
lack of awareness and prevalence of oral diseases in the community. This
aroused my interest in epidemiology.

I joined as a clinical instructor at my university
later after graduation under the department of public health dentistry; I would
consider my strengths as a sense of team work, integrity and ability to put in
sustained quality efforts consistently and efficiently. My role as a clinical
instructor was to plan and organize community activities and awareness programs
periodically. Prevention is always better
than cure; My short term goal is to assess and evaluate the community need
and serve as a Health Education Resource person, my long term goal is to become
an Epidemiologist; to investigate patterns and causes of diseases and to
prevent them. My motive is always to work towards it. For which I believe that
this course will be a tremendous platform to advance my knowledge and showcase
my talent through ideas and input.

I have the inclination to take up social
responsibility, and hence I enrolled myself in Chennai volunteers, a nonprofit organization, where we work
towards the welfare of the society. This gave me the confidence in what I
believe; to up bring my community through my contribution, for which I am

I visited the United States of America for an
international conference the IADR
(International Association for Dental Research) 2017. During my trip I had
a chance to visit your university; I should say, I was deeply impressed by the
college’s distinguished faculty, an environment charged with academic
activities, flexibility of the graduate program and a gripping curriculum and
most of all a program with high quality course work and cutting edge research
facilities for every sub-division of the field. It seemed to me that this would
be the right place to foster my goal of doing a master’s in public health; and
also it would be an enormous pride for me to be a part of your esteemed

Coming from a developing country like India; with
the knowledge that I acquire from the university, I desire to benefit my
country by solving problems pertaining to public health thereby making sure to
control possible diseases and many other factors associated with health;
through my contribution in research field. I am anticipating that my academic
credentials with my profound interests and potential for enhancing my knowledge
would aid me to achieve my aspiration and goal.

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