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The business enterprise’s 5-year business
plan shows that properly working cost (OPEX)
is increasing, mainly for mature fields. it’s far predicted that some mature fields will not be monetary to operate if these cost retain to upward push. The raise
and nicely servicing costs are key additives of the nicely OPEX finances. given
that 90%
of the employer’s properly stock is finished with artificial raise device, new lift technologies with capacity financial savings are wished.

The working organizations have always been looking for opportunity raise technique to
lift excessive quantity wells
at lower price. The Geared Centrifugal
Pump (GCP) is a brand new high extent artificial lift gadget that mixes the
rod string power of a modern hollow space pump
with a multi-level centrifugal pump
of an ESP, via a down-hollow speed growing transmission. it’s far predicted that
this new gadget will lessen fees related
to well intervention
as failures related to the drive string may befinished by smaller well service gadgets. similarly, electric and drive head mechanical screw ups can be rectified
at floor at much
less cost. moreover, the GCP pump
is fee effective equipment because
it gets rid of the expensive motor, cable and surface controller. in
this belief the GCP pump will deal with each the elevate and servicing price challenges when comparedto different lift structures.

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PDO expects to complete all six pilot GCP installations in of the
north Oman fields before overall
performance of the GCP device in comparison to the extensively used
ESPs in the same subject. on
the quit of quit-2nd qtr. 2013. The goals of this pilot trial are to test the efficiency, reliability and operational the approx. one-yr trial period, the technical and business values may
be quantified and for that
reason confirm the viability of deploying the carry device further.

This paper will speak trial goals, deployment revel in, actual time tracking, troubleshooting & optimization. The paper will also highlight the era challenges; classes found out and enhancements consisting of future deployment plans
for PDO

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