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Rock Street, San Francisco

The pristine dark blue sky covers
itself with purple clouds, saying that it’s time for the birds to wake up.
Slowly beam of orange ray started protruded through the dark blue sky and made
the water look like a bed of pink and orange roses. Gaining confidence, a tiny
orange ball peeked through the dense waters and started growing big in size
while moving high in sky. Washing away the sorrow and raising a new hope to the
little ones, the sun shined brightly proclaiming its glory.

The golden dyed water is filled
with fisherman setting his net in the water, waiting for a good catch, risking
his life. The prayers from church are like the chorus to the chirping birds,
singing its shine and praising God for their new day. Men and women who go out
for morning walk enjoy the shining beauty. Milk vendors and newspaper boys are seen
starting their trade at every turn of the street. A little later, small boys
and girls in shining uniforms are seen going to the school.

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“Kanyakumari” is land of Virgin beauty and I agree
after watching it and I highly recommend this Place. This is the place where 3
seas named Arabian sea, Bay of Bengal and Indian ocean meet. The view is breath

We will regret if we do not visit Vivekananda memorial
in Kanyakumari. It is always worth visiting such places. So we planned to go
and I boarded ferry from the kanyakumari where the ticket prices inclusive of
return journey from the rock island. The boats fit in somewhere around 80
persons and one must wear life jacket as the sea is pretty much rough over
here. It gives a wonderful feeling with cool sea breeze flowing around and one
have a magnificent view of sea waves on a rock which is surrounded by the sea
itself. The memorial also houses a meditation center where I spent few minutes
in silence. I knelt down and closed my eyes. There was a pin-drop silence in
the hall, I feel so relaxed when I heard the water splashing sounds and bird
chirping sounds. I returned back to the downtown to have lunch.

During lunch I met a local resident named Riya who
is tall, light skinned with a long hair wearing fashionable clothes and she
looks so attractive. She’s so hungry that she’s gobbling up her food. She has a
pleasant expression while eating food. I was staring at this girl’s face and
was admiring the way she eats her food, and unfortunately she caught me and
smiled at me. Finally, I started conversation regarding the famous dishes in
this city and she said, “This place is popular for its sea foods and is made
with coconut oil.”

When I asked her about shopping, she said, “you can
find beautiful seashells near sea shore and ornaments like bracelets chains which
is made of shells.” While I was shopping in Kanyakumari, I bought beautiful handloom
garments for my parents and grand parents. Within the temple premises there are
several handicraft shops selling many seashell products and I bought seashell
trinkets which is suggested by Riya.

With waterfalls, temples and museums Kanyakumari
stands as one of the best places to visit during a holiday. It is without doubt
one of the most beautiful places on earth. Every corner of this place has
something that is worth exploring.

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