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          The New York Draft Riots in 1863 were violent disturbances in Lower Manhattan, Widely regarded as the new laws passed new Laws passed by Congress that year. While men fought in the ongoing American Civil War, the Battle of Gettysburg, on July 3, 1863 resulted in 51,000 casualties. The U.S. Military started an immediate draft campaign to restore the number of soldiers lost who gave their lives.         The United States President Abraham Lincoln  was told that the military needed help so he needed volunteers to help the Military finish the Battle. The rioters were working-class men, some were Irish or from Irish descent. ( The men had Feared that Black people were go going to get Jobs) Wealthier men Those who could afford to pay a $300 equivalent to $9,157 in 2017 could hire a substitute, and were spared from the draft.         The New York Draft Riot continued as the military did not reach the city until the second day of the riots. The mob who were killing people during the Riot had ransacked and destroyed numerous public buildings, two Protestant Churches, (the homes of various people) many black homes, and the colored Orphan Asylum at 44th Street which they had burned to the ground.The area was changed as a result of the riot. Many black citizens left Manhattan permanently many of them moving to Brooklyn. According to Wikipedia the black population fell below 10,000 after the devastation from the riot equivalent to the number in 1820. On July 13, 1863, as the second day of the new military draft lottery in New York city had broke out across the city which began the an organized opposition. The first federally mandated conscription laws in the nation’s history. The mob is a group of rioters that killed people for reasons and money.The mob had an early target with the pro-war press particularly the New York tribune ran by ardent abolitionist. Many people were targeted during the riot. There was never an explanation for why these people were killed during the riot but the rioters and the mob who were part of the riot were killed lots of people. The mob killed five people and the rioters killed one person who survived.The mob killed 2 people who went to Church. The two citizens had supported their moms that were going through tough times. One was killed leaving the Church one night. And the other one was killed outside his home. After the two killings the mob murdered three other people.According to the Historical Society ” The New York draft riots of 1863″A group of rioters attacked an old lady who was hiding in her house from the rioters they broke into her house. The old lady tried all she could to defend herself until one male rioter pushed her onto the floor they took off most of her clothes and they beat her mercifully. They told all the rioters and they came and destroyed her house. The old lady was trying to get into her basement were she kept survivors of the riot. While she ran trying to warn the others she saw a dead three month year old baby thrown through her window. The woman started to cry devastated from what they did to that baby. The old lady knew she couldn’t stop now she knew she had to keep moving. She made it to the basement and she told everyone that they needed to leave now. They all escaped from her yard they ran as fast as they could. Nobody knows what happened to the old lady and the survivors with her when they escaped.Initial list had began to spread, a large scale protest movement went underway. When officials accompanied by just a dozen police officers. The police arrived at the city’s Provost Marshal’s office on the morning of Monday, July, 13, they found dead. New York began to fall, 119 citizens dead and houses and buildings destroyed were 118 burned or destroyed by the rioters. The mob and the rioters killed tons of people for money. Most of the rioters were homeless people and citizens that were affected by the draft.The New York riot had came to a conclusion when the white elite in New York had decided to organize so they could provide relief to black riots victims, they helped them find new houses and new jobs The Union League and the rest of the committee of workers had relief of colored people provided nearly $40,000 for 2,500 victims of the riots. By 1865 the black population had dropped to under 10,000 the lowest since 1820 because they left after the devastation of the riot the white working class riots changed demographics of New York, and he and the white residents exerted their control in the workplace; they had become “unequivocally divided” from the black population. Lincoln created a law helping future drafts, not allowing wealthy people to get out of it.

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