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The Oxford English online dictionary defines technology: as the product of such application; technological knowledge or know-how; a technological process, method, or technique. Also: machinery, equipment, etc., developed from the practical application of scientific and technical knowledge. In the space of a few decades technology as experienced incredible growth and has become a crucial part of our everyday life. Most of us use technology in every aspect of our lives whether we are at work, school, or relaxing at home in our free time. Now most of us could not imagine returning to a time in which technology was not so readily available. Most of us expect to have access to information at a moment’s notice. There are many advantages and disadvantages to our obsession with technology. Advantages of Technology There are many positive aspects of technology. The arrival of computers, the internet, cell phones, and voice mail have allowed business to work together despite the physical distance between them. Transportation is another area where technology has had an impact tips that would have taken days by horse and buggy can now be completed in a matter of hours by car. Furthermore, it was the introduction of new technologies allowed our society to shift from a society based on hunting and gathering to an agricultural society. Personally, I believe some of the most important technological advances have been made in the field of medicine. Specifically the technology used to help premature babies who are fighting for their lives. Today there is a device that ” checks vital signs such as heart rate and breathing to predict signs of distress and organ failure in premature babies before they actually happen”( Device to save premature babies). If it were not for technology like incubators, I like many other people would not be here. Furthermore, it is only though advances in medical equipment like electric wheelchairs that I am able to live my life without relying on others for help. Disadvantages of Technology Thanks in large part to the advancement in internet and other technology such as mobile internet and broadband people have more access to a variety of entertainment, information, and communication options. This easy access can lead to individual societies enduring changes or completely losing their costumes and traditions. China is a perfect example of this phenomenon. “_In the 20-odd years since implementation of the reform and opening-up policy,…

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