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study consisting of qualitative methods in order get an all-encompassing the
objectives of the study. The broad nature of the study demands a qualitative
approach in order to obtain the perceptions and feelings of participants and
the underlying issues, which quantitative data would exclude. (Naqshb, 2012) We have selected
secondary school children because adolescence
unstable phase in one’s life so it is easy to assess them also to demotivate
them from doing any kind of substance abuse for their betterment of life. The survey will carried out by using interview
schedule for students as well as teaching faculty from different schools in
Maharashtra state. .
The teaching faculty is added in this research just to
know the extent and information about substance abuse in school children or in
nearby locality by young children. An interview schedule will administer and
the respondents will be asked the relevant questions about the substance abuse.
The questions will be in basic and straightforward language. The answers will
then immediately marked on the interview schedule, and this will done in order
to prevent any missing details. The surveys will be in individual school-based
because they are non-expensive, can be done in a short time frame, and require
only limited field staff. (Warren, 2000) The main
advantage of the proposal is this type of survey has not been done in complete
Maharashtra. This study is an effort to assess the usage of substance abuse
among the secondary school children as well as preventive measures for
distracting these children from substance abuse. So, this research will give
brief idea to Maharashtra Government and also Ministry of Welfare (MOW) about
the extent of drug abuse in school going children.  Drawbacks of this study are
inappropriate response from the participant, right of withdraw at any given
point, confidentiality. To overcome such problems each students and faculty
member will receive participation consent form which need to be signed by
participation itself and by parents in case of students as the research topic
is sensitive.


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