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most widely recognized intestinal nematode of man is Ascaris lumbricoides or the goliath roundworm, which can be
recovered most in the tropics (Belizario & Totañes 2015) and the most
widely distributed across the globe and knowingly this is the most difficult to
control. According to Dr. Belizario & De Leon (2015), about more than 1
billion human beings is infected with the said parasite. This is because of its
high fertility, and high transmission potential (Holland,2003). Despite that,
the lack of ability of the human host to research an effective way to stop
parasite from entering the body of human beings. In an examination including
primary school youngsters in chosen locales in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, the
aggregate commonness was 67% (Belizario et al., 2005). A nationwide study also
examines likewise uncovered that 66% of preschool youngsters were tainted. (de
Leon and Lumampao, 2005).

Ascaris lumbricoides has
two distinct morphologies the adult worm and the ova. But this study only
focuses on the characteristics of the fertilized and unfertilized ova of the
parasite. The unfertilized ova measure 88 to 94 µm by 39 to 44 µm longer and
narrower than fertile ova, with a thin shell and unpredictable mamillated
covering loaded with retractile granules (Belizario & Totañes,2015). The
fertilized eggs measure 45 to 75 µm by 35 to 50 µm. There is an external,
coarsely mammillated albuminous covering which might be truant or lost in
“decorticated” eggs (Belizario & Totañes, 2015). According to
Potters (2017), the specific gravity of Ascaris
lumbricoides unfertilized eggs is 1,200 and the fertilized eggs is 1,110.
It can only be seen and can be diagnose through confirming it by microscopic
examination by the stool sample of the infected human. Through microscopic
examination we can identify the morphology of the ova whether it is fertilized
or unfertilized, corticated or decorticated and determine the size, presence of
four major layer and inclusions.

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The diagnosis of parasitic infections in humans is
challenging and requires the recognition of parasite stages based on size,
morphology, color, and movement. (Hussien, et al., 2015) 

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