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The Use Of Manipulation Techniques in 1984 and North Korea George Orwell’s 1984, gives readers a glimpse of what it would look like to have a future with a totalitarian government. A future where one person will control everybody through manipulation and fear. These types of governments continue to exist in certain countries today, one of them being North Korea. North Korea’s government is similar to the Party in 1984, in which their government is a totalitarian dictatorship where Kim Jong Un, their singular leader, controls everything. Both governments in North Korea and 1984 are led by dictators, “Big Brother” in 1984 and Kim Jong Un in North Korea, who are similar in many ways. Their similarity is due to the various techniques they use, which include mind control, propaganda and deprivation of freedom. It is clear that both governments use a variety of different methods of manipulation to  control to their citizens.           To begin with, both Big Brother and Kim Jong Un control their citizens by manipulating their minds. In the novel 1984, Big Brother controls all the citizens of Oceania, although no one knows if he is real or not. To add on, Big Brother holds absolute control over the society, Oceania, and controls all the activities of public and their private life , most evidently through the use of telescreens and the Thought Police. It’s a way that the government keeps the people on a leash, they manipulate people into thinking that he’s real and he’s always watching you.         Similarly, in North Korea everything is under Kim Jong Un, the leader of the citizens even though they did not choose him. Citizens of North Korea are manipulated by their leader Kim Jong Un. He is the one that makes all the laws for the people of North Korea. He creates fear for his citizens as they are watched by guards continuously. If anyone goes against him they are executed or sent to concentration camps.       Additionally,  the Party and Big Brother control the children and manipulates them.  For example, in the novel 1984, the main character Winston states “What was worst of all was that by means of such organizations as the spies they were systematically turned into ungovernable little savages…almost normal for people over thirty to be frightened of their own children…” (Orwell 26-27).  The Party manipulates the children into calling out their parents and gives them a reward or recognition if they do so. The Party is just manipulating the children making them think that they are doing that to protect Oceania.  As a result,  the Party  brainwashes the children into acting  like spies so that they can  stop other family members from committing thoughtcrime.Comparatively,  the North Korean government and Kim Jong Un manipulates children as well. The child learns that it has enemies, such as American imperialists, Japanese militarists and the South Korean “gang of traitors”. They are taught to hate them , so one should say not that “an American died,” but rather “an American scum kicked the bucket”. (The Guardian) No one can do anything because Kim Jong Un makes all the rules and the children are forced to hate other countries as well .  As a matter a fact , North Korean textbooks are  poorly written and filled with mistakes.  It also does not help the children but it does not matter to Kim Jong Un or the government. Children are supposed to learn phrases such as “Long live Great Leader Generalissimo Kim Il-sung” prior to learning “Hello, how are you”.  Thus, the  government is manipulating children into praising their leader Kim Jong Un.               Secondly, both of the governments manipulate their citizens through the use of propaganda. Slogans are an adequate way for a totalitarian government to force the citizens into accepting their perception and beliefs. In the novel 1984, Winston refers to the slogan, “WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH” (Orwell 6). This slogan uses the concept of doublethink, “which is to know and not to know, to be conscious of complete truthfulness while telling carefully constructed lies, to hold simultaneously two opinions which cancel out, knowing them to be contradictory and believing in both of them…”(Orwell 37) The first one which is “WAR IS PEACE”  refers to the idea that peace cannot be achieved without war and that without the war, the party’s preservation would be threatened. Essentially, if there is constant war happening it means that the people are constantly sacrificing and devoting themselves for the government. The second part which is “FREEDOM IS SLAVERY” means giving freedom to  citizens in Oceania, which will lead to the evacuation of the Party’s power. To the people, this phrase means that having too much freedom causes one to become a slave to their senses and weaknesses. For example, the Junior Anti-Sex League in 1984 is promoted by the Party who is strongly against sex. The Party believes sex is only for reproduction purposes, not for love, pleasure or desire. The last  phrase which is “IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH” means whatever the Party tells the citizens is true and they must believe the party. The society’s ignorance gives the Party strength.  Hence, this slogan is able to manipulate many citizens of Oceania into doing whatever the party wants them to do. Comparatively, North Korea has many slogans for their leader Kim Jong Un. “Let us fight devotedly for respected Supreme Commander Comrade Kim Jong Un!” (CTV NEWS). This slogan is dedicated to Kim Jong Un.The phrase is convincing the citizens to fight for Kim Jong Un and what they are doing for their leader is the right thing to do. Citizens of North Korea are so devoted to their leaders because of the slogan which is, “Let us take it as the lifeline and the key point to implement the behests of the great leaders!” (CTV NEWS). This slogan is manipulating the people of North Korea to serve their leader for their entire lifetime, which is their sole duty. If they do not respect or say anything against their leader, they are executed or sent to prison camps. Furthermore, a slogan that persuades citizens of North Korea to respect the party states, “Let us thoroughly implement our Party’s policy of putting all the people under arms and turning the whole country into a fortress!”(CTV NEWS). This slogan implies to citizens of North Korea to follow what the party tell them to do and make the country the best, convincing them to join the army and serve the country. Altogether, these slogans are effective in brainwashing citizens of North Korea to serve their leader and thinking whatever he’s doing is right. Another key point, in the novel 1984, Big Brother is used as a major propaganda icon to keep the citizens controlled and turn them against Emmanuel Goldstein. This propaganda helps the Party to manipulate the public. The party manipulates the citizens into thinking that there is an enemy out there who is a threat to Oceania. For instance, if all of the citizens of Oceania is turned against this one man, it will be easy for the Party to manipulate the people. Similarly, the North Korean government promotes “anti-U.S” which is simply to teach their citizens to hate the United States. For example, in North Korea, there are posters and stories of American soldiers killing all the citizens of North Korea, torturing women, and shooting prisoners. Just like how Big Brother hates on Goldstein and considers him as an enemy or a threat to Oceania, the North Korean government makes the citizens believe that the United States is their enemy and will kill them. One of the posters claims that the United States mainland is “within the strike range,” making people believe that the United States is a threat to North Korea (Telegraph). Leader Kim Jong Un manipulates citizens into making them believe that the United States of America will hurt their country and that the citizens must come join the army to save North Korea. There is a huge amount of propaganda towards the United States in North Korea.              Lastly, both the Party and the North Korean government control their citizens by depriving them of their freedom. Both the governments take away their citizens rights away so that they are unable to express their point of views or opinions. If there are any citizens who disapprove their government, both the Party and the North Korean government send these individuals to concentration and forced labour camps where they will be reformed and tortured. For example, in the novel 1984, “any opinion that goes against the Party or Big Brother is considered a thoughtcrime”. (Orwell 5).  Winston Smith, the main character, first commits thoughtcrimes as he writes down, “DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER” (Orwell 20). He states that “if detected, it is reasonably certain that he would be punished by death or at least twenty-five years in a forced labour camp.” (Orwell 8).  That’s how citizens who commit crimes get severely punished even when it’s just a thought. Citizens in the society of 1984 cannot even think or  rebel against the Party because if they do so, they would be harshly punished.        As for North Korea, Kim Jong Un, the leader of the country, decides all the punishments for the people who commit a crime. Both governments work to punish people who criticize them or go against them to ensure that no one gets in the way of their power. Additionally, 400,000 – 1,000,000  prisoners in North Korea have died of starvation, torture and execution since the prison camps were set up in 1972.  It is excruciating for the prisoners, since they are not treated as human beings. As a matter a fact, the punishments are so severe that even if you criticize Kim Jong Un’s decisions,  there is a rule called “three generations of punishment” where they convict the individual and their family members for three generations. This includes being held in  prison or labor camps from birth until death. As a result, both the Party and the North Korean government have been competent in controlling their citizens through punishments. People are remarkably so fearful that they cannot even speak how they express their feelings.        Additionally, society in 1984,  has no personal freedom. Everyone is monitored by the thought police or the telescreens. People are only allowed to have sex to reproduce which forces marriages to be based on procreation to benefit the Party instead of having an affectionate relationship. Victory Gin” is given as a way to manipulate people into believing that the Party is giving them their rights but in reality it is not. Furthermore, men and females can not have sexual relationships, this is because it is going against the Party. If they do, they would be tortured and face their worst fears. For example, the main character Winston was tortured when he rebelled against the party by O’Brien .  “You asked me once,” said O’Brien, “what was in Room 101. I told you that you knew the answer already. Everyone knows it. The thing that is in Room 101 is the worst thing in the world.” (Orwell 296)  As you can see, people who rebel against the Party would be sent to Room 101, where they are  tortured physically and physiologically.        In comparison, North Korean citizens are banned from using unauthorized non-state radios, newspapers and TV broadcasts. Citizens of North Korea have to go through severe punishments if they are caught with mobile media, such as TV dramas or SD cards.  Moreover, there is no internet in North Korea and no can have any devices such as cellphones. As matter a fact, citizens are forced to praise their leader and if they do not, they are sent to concentration camps, to become well-behaved. Inside the concentration camps there are strict rules, poor living conditions, malnutrition and starvation. Generations of families are born inside the camp throughout their lives and witness executions. Hence, no one has freedom in their life in North Korea.          In conclusion,  both North Korea and 1984 government come up with these manipulation techniques to control its citizens through mind control, propaganda and taking away their freedom so that no one can take their powers.

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