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The Western Civilization as we know it today would not exist if the Romans had not been great innovators and developed their Legacy. Rome created many great buildings and monuments of which modern civilization has developed and improved on. Rome was based on a series of laws and developed a government style, impacting the way the Western World would be run. Roman technology has had a huge impact in the way that we build our cities and the way that we run our everyday lives. With their revolution of converting to Christianity, Rome changed the face and basis of religion for the future generations. Without the survival of the Legacy of ancient Rome, our western world would not be the way we know it today. Augustus ushered in the Pax Romana, or, the Golden Age of Rome, in about 30 BC when he attained the title Princeps and imperator. This Roman Peace lasted for over 200 years, and brought about many positive changes to the empire. During this time stable and peaceful leaders ruled the Roman Empire, life styles for both the rich and poor bettered, and art and literature flourished. Augustus was the first of the Golden Age emperors. He reformed and reshaped the government to eliminate corruption and create peace throughout the empire. Augustus created special lines of defense to keep peace throughout the empire such as the Praetorian Guard. He created any protective measures to ensure that his successors could keep the empire running smoothly. Augustus’ successors were able to maintain a peaceful and corruption free government. There was no extreme dictators or worrisome government problems. The transitions from leader to leader were also non violent because the political atmosphere was relatively calm. Rome based itself on a series of laws and a unique government style to its age and time, impacting the way the Western world would be run. The American government as we know it today is based off of the Roman republic. The American government is run a lot like the Roman Republic was; there are two senators per state that are represented in the congress, much like the senate in the Roman republic, and these people advise the president in many matters. The Romans were among the first people to create laws that were recorded, the earliest known set of laws were The Twelve Tables. Ten men were commissioned to write up a code of law that would have both magistrates rule without prejudice; the first set of ten tablets was not satisfying to both parties so two more tablets were commissioned. Slaves were considered an important part of the Roman economy structure. The slaves were used for mining, farming and providing resources and materials to support the Roman Empire, the Western Civilization today considers slavery to be morally wrong. By developing a republican government and recording some of the first laws, Western Civilization has been positively impacted. Our world today was greatly impacted by the technology developed by the Romans. Roads were first created by the Romans, making transportation easier as well as collecting taxes. Today we use roads all over the world for transportation of various needs, there are roads almost everywhere. Aqueducts, designed by the Romans, provided running water to Rome for drinking, bathing et cetera. Today we still have running water, but our water is in pipes and it goes through a filtration system, roughly like what the water went through on its way down the aqueduct. The Romans also created a sewer system, using pipe lines, to get rid of the dirty water and waste from the city. We still use sewer systems today as well as other innovations like septic tanks. If the Romans had not used this technology, Western Civilization would not be the same; we probably wouldn’t have pipes or running water or roads. Roman Technology has shaped how we live today in the western world. Many of our buildings and monuments today are built the way they are today because of the Romans. Cement was invented by the Romans; they developed a recipe that was very flexible and allowed them to add various components to cater to their needs. With the invention of cement, the modern world has lived off it for a long time. Our buildings today are made of cement, masonry, and steel supports; the Romans provided our base for building these. Ancient Roman architecture influenced many of the buildings we have created today; as an example, the Supreme Court house in the U.S.A looks like the typical Roman temple with white marbled columns and formal stairs at the entrance of the building. Napoleon also was influenced by the Romans; once he was crowned emperor he commissioned the building of The Arc de Triomphe as well as a free standing column, based off of the Column of Trajan, for the Place Vendôme in Paris. Napoleon also saw fit to build a temple of glory for his army, which is now the Church of Madeleine. The Romans provided a significant influence on our buildings and architecture, allowing us to continue to grow. Romans once believed in many gods, god of wine, war and of fertility, much like the Greeks. The Romans converted to Christianity in 312 AD when Emperor Constantine claimed that he had a dream in which he saw the sign of Christ, Constantine had the symbol inscribed on his helmet and the shields of his body guards before the battle of Milvian Bridge. Constantine had a strong victory and said that he owed the victory to the god of the Christians. Just as Constantine gained full control over the Roman Empire and converted to Christianity, the Christians were suffering from a heresy that was causing division in the house of god, Constantine called in the Council of Nicaea. The Council decided that the definition of the Christian’s Deity was to be The Holy Trinity, comprised of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Christianity today appears in many facets, Roman Catholic, Catholic et cetera. Had the Romans not converted to Christianity, we would not have the Pope in The Vatican nor have any one single maintaining religion.  Today’s world exists as it is because of The Legacy of Rome. Roman architecture has provided the basis on which we build our dwellings and lives. Our basic laws and government system are available today because of Ancient Rome. Roman technology has provided us the basics of modern day technology. The face of Christianity and religion in general was changed for us when the Romans chose to convert. Imagine, what our world would be like, if the Romans had simply ceased to exist.

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