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The information systems first started from manual systems where they use books to keep the organization’s things in an order. Is has evolved over the decades from the books to the computerized IS systems. To start off with the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) which has been used for helping with the primary activities within the organization. All the operations of different departments of the organization is integrated into one single system in the ERP. Information systems were introduced in early 1960s to deal with the issues in the accounting management. Later the introduction of accounting management software triggered the presentation of IS in various areas of management. It was an urge and desire to ease the business operations managing the records in the entire organization.ICS (Inventory Control System) allows the usage and the pattern of usage of the stock of every product available in the inventory along with the budget used for that stock. ICS has been integrated with the management system which gives a detailed idea to track the budget for the production which has evolved as basic need for businesses.The MRP systems of the 1980s has been evolved to MRP II systems which carry the material planning and the needed resources for the manufacturing and engineering, Human resources, logistics when compared to the later MRP which deals only with the material management.Current Trends in Information Systems:The inevitable growth of the information systems not only improved the performance of the business activities but also in giving a competitive advantage. The use of AI computers which can forecast the business performance using the data collected over time and can give ample time to prepare and avoid the losses.The customer relationship management, human relationship management, e-commerce and business intelligence were some of the major functional advances to the information systems. With the scope for customers to interact with information systems for feedback or concerns over the service to monitoring the work force with the computerized systems like payroll systems the information system has at top of the line when it comes to usage of the information systems.Technical trends include the Open software market, Hosting of application service providers, e-commerce which provides the ability to develop or add more functionalities to the systems and increased the mobility of the commerce market right into the user’s hands. Conclusion:From both the research papers i conclude that over the past decades the information systems have seen a considerable growth in both the functionality and usage which clearly proven to be efficient for business processes. Every level of management has adopted the information systems to gain competitive advantage in the business.

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