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The article entitled “New Energy Source: Scientists Discover Technology that could Power 70 Percent of the U.

S.” discussed the need for new sources of energy and a new option they have discovered in order to retrieve this energy. Now, scientists are looking toward lakes and reservoirs, hoping they might be able to capture the energy from this process. According to Science Alert, from the U.S. alone, 325 gigawatts of power could be produced from this method alone.

In order to achieve this, Bacillus subtilis spores are placed on tape and exposed to water. When the water begins to evaporate, the spores curl, causing the tape to contract. A shuttered structure is also placed on top of the water, and closes its shutters during this time, causing the water to recondense. This can continue on as a cycle, and can reportedly help to conserve “95 trillion litres of water” that the US country annually loses from evaporation. This article contained many very analytical aspects, showed a possibility that very few would’ve probably thought of. In a way, this reminded me of energy poverty, something we discussed in class, as this might be a method utilized sometime soon in developing, water-abundant countries who are not able to survive on the little amounts of energy they are able to receive.

Because of the severely lacking energy in locations such as India and Africa, drastic measures will most likely sooner or later be taken. Personally, I don’t feel that the US would be fully on-board with an idea like this in our location, as it can prove to be unsanitary (due to the use of bacteria near water which may be used for drinking, bathing or cooking) and majorly impact the appearance of these beautiful locations, which would in turn hurt means of revenue, like tourism. Overall, this article introduces a very interesting idea and solution around something that someday–if not already–will affect us all, regardless of our ethnicity or alliance.

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