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     The purpose of this assignment is to study
the external environment of SMRT Corporation Ltd and the issues that impact the
company. The assignment also analyze and provide solutions to overcome the


SMRT Corporation Ltd (SMRT Corp)
formally known as Mass Rapid Transit Corporation (MRTC) was set up in 1983 to
maintain the responsibilities of the train network. North-South Line was the
first line being constructed and five stations were officially opened on 7
November 1987. There were controvert initially in planting up
the course system, but finally former Minister for Communication
and Labour, Mr Ong Teng Cheong proclaim that rail system would have major
influence in increasing Singapore economic development and growth. 

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On 6 August 1987, SMRT took over
the responsibilities from MRTC. Over the years SMRT also established
TransitLink in 1989, Singapore Bus Service (SBS) and Trans-Island Bus Service
(TIBS) and the main reason for this was to “develop an integrated bus-rail
public transport system.”( TransitLink lasted for 12
years and it got replaced by Ez-link card system in April 2012.



Over the years SMRT have
established 5 lines across Singapore, North-South Line, East-West Line opened
on 12 December 1987, North-East Line pended on 20 June 2003, Circle Line opened
on 28 May 2009 and  Downtown Line opened
on 22 December 2013. It consist of  119
stations and covers 199.6 kilometers. 


SMRT main business are in “rail
operations, maintenance and engineering, taxi, bus and automotive
services.”( They also have business in media, retail, marking,
retail management and properties. Thier mission is “to be the people’s choice
by delivering a world-class transport service and lifestyle experience that is
safe,reliable and customer-centric”(, and they have target to
expand the rail network to 360km and all household will live 10 minutes away
from a train station by 2030.

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