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The book Animal Farm by George Orwell is a fable that takes place in the 1940s, in which a farmer named Mr.Jones, owner of Manor Farm fails to complete his well known duties of maintaining a good farm. The animals of the farm seem to notice his lack of hospitality for them. The oldest animal on the farm, Old Major, plots a rebellion against the humans to claim the farm as their own, and run the humans out and away. The rest of the animals of the farm seem to agree with his statements, for they all agreed that humans are the most disgusting animal of all. As time goes by, Old Major is starting to not look too good, and passes away before the rebellion can take place. But this tragedy for the animals is just the beginning of a very long adventure. As the rebellion starts two pigs, Napoleon and Snowball compete against one and other to become the leader of the rebellion. As the voting comes to an end Napoleon is decided to become the leader of the animals and renames Manor farm to Animal farm. Napoleon sets rules to the animals that start to seem very human like, one of the rules being “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.”As the rebellion continues, Napoleon the pig seems to like the place of being in charge and starts to understand the way humans lived, he started sleeping in beds and wearing clothing, drinking from cups and even owned a couple of dogs as his pets. The book ends with Napoleon calling over neighbourhood farmers to discuss their problems and play a game of cards. Napoleon stats that the farm will no longer be known as Animal Farm, but back the original name Manor farm, as well as making the animals work much harder with less food as they were given before the rebellion. As most of the animals watch Napoleon play cards with the farmers, they realise that they can no longer distinguish the difference between the humans and the pigs anymore.

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