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Amazement of a Hand-held Hair Dryer

Who does not like it beautiful, shiny,
bouncing, styled, coiffured, curled, cascading or draped? Good-looking hair is a
good asset, it enhances and is an integral part of a person’s physical
appearance. However, like any other profitable investment, good-looking hair
does not come cheap, it requires hard work.

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Diva Joy, as we fondly called her, my roommate
during my sophomore year in college comes to my mind. She always looked like a fairy
tale goddess – her skin flawless, her teeth white and sparkly, her eyes bright
and oh, her hair – a wonder and a beautiful sight to behold. Everyone wondered
what her secret was but I was privileged to have access to it. She had a room
full of beauty and hair products which she used appropriately – hair steamers,
hair straighteners, hair curlers and hand dryers, which is my personal favorite.

Dandruff is a hair-related issue that I
have battled with all my life, without a solution till now. Keeping my hair
super clean and dry has been the only way of keeping dandruff below
embarrassing-levels. But how do you keep your hair super clean in college when
time and money to visit the saloons were annoyingly insufficient or unavailable?
– own a hair dryer! This was the beginning of my love for and journey with a hand-held
hair dryer.

A hand dryer is a smaller version of the
traditional hair dryer found in salons which blows warm/hot air over wet hair
to make it dry. Traditional hair dryer is to a salon as hand dryer is to a
girl’s room. There are some differences and similarities in their operations. A
hand dryer releases hot air from a nozzle while a traditional hair dryer
produces warm air that generally circulates around the hair. However, while a
traditional hair dryer is exclusively electricity-powered, a hand dryer can be
powered by either electricity or battery.

I decided to write about a hair dryer
because it is a constant feature in my range of hair products. I have owned one
at every point since my college days, hence, I have a very good understanding
of how it works and the possible issues that could arise from using it.

Pros of a Hand Dryer

This, in my opinion, is
the most obvious and important benefit of a hand dryer. In today’s busy world
with all its hustle and bustle, who has time to visit a salon regularly or wait
for wet hair to get dry naturally every time? A hand dryer is a classic
especially for college students and working-class men and women.

in application: A hair
dryer is universal to both male and female gender. Long hair, short hair, no
hair, everyone needs to dry their hair be it after taking a shower, washing the
hair or retouching the hair. It dries out the hair making it difficult for
molds to grow on it.

of use: It is also very
easy to operate, you hardly even need to read the manual to operate it because
most brands typically have only a few buttons needed to operate it.

Mobility: Travelling for your dream job
interview and need to ensure your hair stays in shape on the big day? Having
your bachelorette party out of town and need your hair looking good after the
journey across states? Camping? Annual office retreat? There is no cause for
alarm, a hand dryer is portable and easy to carry around.

to different of energy sources:
For a while when the hand dryer was invented, it could only be powered
electricity. However, battery-powered hand dryers are now available which may
not be a big deal in a country like the United States.

to handle: A common
concern among first-time users of hand dryers is how safe or protected they are
against electrical shock. This is a very valid concern especially for
electricity-powered ones that come in contact with water from wet hair. However,
most hand dryers are covered with casings made from plastic which is an
excellent insulator of electricity as well as heat, making hand dryers very
safe to handle.

“Other perks”: Just when you think you
have seen it all! There are other non-hair related benefits of a hand-held hand
dryer. For me, one of the most interesting benefits I have gained from a hand
dryer is keeping my always wet foot wares dry. Typically, I sweat through my
feet and this gives a very terrible smell over time but with my hand dryer, I
dry up my foot ware at the end of the day, keeping the smell to a manageable
level. I also used it to keep warm during harmattan, which is the period of the
year when the lowest temperatures are recorded in African countries. Since
heaters are not a common feature in Africa, people keep warm during this period
by wearing appropriate clothing. For me, while on campus, I leveraged the
constant supply of electricity and my hand dryer to keep warm when indoors. 

Cons of a Hand Dryer

strenuous to handle: Unlike
a traditional hair dryer found in salons, most hand dryers require that the
operator holds it throughout the duration of use. This causes stress on the muscles
of the arm used to hold it.

damage: The heat from hand
dryers damage hair follicles, causing hair breakage, thinning and loss.

during operations: Most
hand dryers, at least all the ones I have owned, make annoying sounds while in
use. This noise makes it difficult, if not impossible, to multitask – have a
conversation, watch a movie, listen to the news, while using a hand dryer.

of electrical hazards:
Although hand dryers are well insulated with plastics, there is still risk of
electrical shocks from the wires and plugs (for those powered by electricity). Hence,
there is a need to be cautious when using them especially as risk of electrical
shock is exacerbated by water from the wet hair being dried.

the Balance

There is no such thing as a perfect
world, neither is there a perfect hair product. The key to harnessing the
benefits of a hand dryer is finding the right balance – superior quality
product and used according to the manufacturer’s directions.

My opinion about life has always been
that there is some good in every “bad thing” and there is definitely some bad
in every “good thing”. For a hand dryer which is a good product, it should be
used and the “bad” should be managed.




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