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The website that I
choose to visit is The first thing that I had noticed is that
it offers up an add that shows you how to get their app. I think it is good
that they offer an app for their website because it is easier to access than
going on to the internet. The next thing that I had noticed was the multiple
places where you can click to monitor a pregnancy. By clicking through this
section, you are able to put in one’s due date and it will track it week by
week for you. This is quite interesting because you are able to see what is
growing and developing in the baby every week of the pregnancy.

            At the top of the page it lists some options to search
for general things quicker. The options provided are: getting pregnant,
pregnancy, baby, toddler, preschool, big kid. I choose to look into the first
option, getting pregnant. This shows all kinds of things to do while trying for
a baby. It recommends some tips, talks about how fertility is important, and it
even covers mental and emotional health during this time. It is organized quite
nicely and I like how it is cut and dry without having to search around
everywhere on the website just to find something. The only thing that I do not
like is the many adds for all kinds of pregnancy tests. There were so many that
I was accidently clicking on them when I was trying to scroll down the page. I
think one or two adds on the same side of the page or at the bottom of the page
would be enough. By having too many and accidently clicking on them, now I know
I will be getting more of these random pregnancy adds to pop up on my computer
when I am on other websites that are unrelated.

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            Upon searching in the website a little closer, the next
thing I found was an option to click for expert advice or to click for the
community. The expert advice was pretty self-explanatory where they broke down
different scenarios and questions people may have and provided factual answers
backed up by doctors. The community page was my favorite thing that I had found
on the website. It consisted of many people posting their own personal
questions and other members of the community all around the world answering
them. Although the answers are not totally the facts because anyone can answer
it, it seems to be very helpful in the sense of others sharing their own
personal experiences to help out.

            Overall, I liked this website I like that it was concise
and everything you could need was easily found. The only thing that I would
change are just minor cosmetic issues. The website is rather bland, a lot of
white open spaces. Even a pastel background color would be better than nothing
I would say. In the end, this looks like a very good website and I would
definitely use it in the future.


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