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              The history of America manly revolves around immigration so it’s a very important subject in history to learn about. If immigration to America never happened America wouldn’t be what it is today Native Americans would still roam and own the land. Since immigration was such a huge part in our history there is a lot to know so I will be summing it all up for you today in the form and essay. I will be describing all the waves of immigration and what happened in them and what lead to how it is in the present day.

                  The stages of people coming to America are rough long and a very interesting story but it’s best to start at the beginning. Travel back to the year  1000 and you’ll see the first people arrive, Vikings.I believe the Vikings reason for coming here was their home lands were very rocky and couldn’t grow real food and America had wild fruit, vegetables, and a large supply of wild animals to hunt.Although they were not apart of the big picture in our history.          As many know Europeans, the second to settle here, were prominent in this area as they came around 500 years later bringing good and bad things I will be going into. One of the things Europeans brought was war as although sometimes the Native Americans met with peace at other times war started because of religion and the Europeans using their land. Of course with people came their laborers or slaves around 1619 all the slaves were shackled and brought along and excruciating ride over sea. Something no one would want to do but then again they were never given a choice.

         Near the ending of the 16th century everyone was settling all the Hispanics had settled down in st. Augustine. When the 17th century started everything was great people were settled and all the communities were flourishing. During the time period between the 17th and 18th century though well this was the building stage. Around 50,000 convicts from Britain came and started working and doing labor for the different colonies. People were actually going into labor for up to 7 years with no pay just to get into America. The British population was booming taking over almost all of the population by the beginning of the 18th century.

Yggugviyviybhhib        Now let’s go a bit more indev into the way everything was run as America is right next to the Pacific Ocean most cities were being turned into ports. As back then everything that kept America so great and everyone’s destination was all the trading over water and the water holding certain animals. As America became more established more people were traveling here because we had a variety of climates that were similar to most people’s hometowns.

Onhounoub      Of course as new people began to come in from all around the world things started going a bit south and fast too. People from Asia ,Mexico, and of course Europe were heavily flowing in and since this was happening America started getting a little more closed minded. In the beginning it was just whoever you were or where ever you came from you were just allowed to come and go as you pleased. But of course eventually a law was created that only allowed certain people in with certain strengths in that would make them good for laboring work. The reason for this was they didn’t want them “stealing” all the good high paying jobs they wanted those for the Americans.

This was one of the ways racism became a more prominent thing because people were being raised to believe this because it was being fed to them. As  you’ve seen our country has been through it’s good and its bad days and it hasn’t been the best towards other countries and states. To this days we are having issues arising economically and governmentally. As it has before our country is repeating its past and going back to its old ways. Racism in our government which was once all to prominent and faded is now coming back and it’s destroying what we’ve created. Were doing what we once pledged to not do again, even classing has become extremely prominent now today. If you don’t have the right income it’s a struggle to survive.

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