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The Earth has existed for billions of years meaning it would be common for people to be wrong or unsure of how it all came together. Many of these misconceptions are about evolution, “the process by which different kinds of living organism are believed to have developed from earlier forms during the history of the earth” (Oxford Dictionary). A common misconception people have about evolution is that it’s a random process.Even though randomness does play a part in the evolution of life like, mutations, it does not completely define the process of it. Natural selection, the process in which some organisms survive and others don’t due to their physical characteristics in a certain area, also known as, “survival of the fittest”, is a major mechanism of evolution and it is not random process. The idea of natural selection was founded by British naturalist, Charles Darwin as theory for evolution. Natural selection shows that evolution isn’t a random process because these certain types of physical characteristics of organisms will change if the area the organisms are in finds it no use. If not useful in that area the organism could starve or be easily seen by predators leading ultimately to their death. One of the key observations Darwin’s idea of natural selection is based on was heredity, characteristics passed down by the parent to the offspring. These inherited traits/ characteristics will help the offspring survive in that specific environment and thus will reproduce more offspring. Generation after generation will pass down these helpful traits to their offspring meaning a larger percentage of the population would have similar or the same traits and these generations will become more adapted to their environment. Another one of Darwin’s key observations in the cause of  “survival of the fittest” would be if there is overpopulation in a certain environment, which will mean fewer or limited resources such as food. 

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