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The death penaltyis a highly controversial and debated subjectit isalso known as
capital punishment and it is still wide spread across the world with 58
countries still using it according to the telegraph. The death penalty is still
used in many large countries across the world such as the USA, India and China.

There are lots of negatives to the death penalty. It is very
expensive according to the average cost of a death penalty
case is $2.4 million. According to the death penalty can be up
to three times more expensive as life in prison.In the USA there is 3,035
inmates on death row but 130 have been released from death row who were
innocent, if someone is killed and then later they are proven innocent they
cannot undo the punishment but if someone is sentenced to life in jail then
they can be set free, this means it could be putting innocent people’s lives at
risk.One out of every ten who has been executed in the United States since 1977
are mentally ill, according to National Association on Mental Illness. Because
these people are mentally ill some of them can’t defend themselves very well in
court. Although some states in America have made it illegal to execute someone
who is mentally ill many others haven’t. The United States of America signed
the universal declaration of human rights. One of the rights on this
declaration was the “right to life”. They death penalty is clearly breaking the
universal declaration of human rights. The death penalty can also have a very
negative affect on the executioner as he or she can suffer from illnesses like

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An argument for the death penalty is that some people believe that
is the only fair punishment to do to them what they have done by taking
someone’s life. Some people believe that the death penalty acts as a good
deterrent to crime but in America there is no real evidence between states who
have and have-not got the death penalty which one has a lower crime rate. The
death penalty might be a more effective deterrent in countries In Asia such as
china or India where they are more common and the crime doesn’t need to be as
bad to get the death people also argue that it is more humane to
execute someone rather than keep them in a cell for 22 hours every day. There
are also some sources which say that it is cheaper to give the death penalty
but it is unclear which is cheaper life in prison or the death penalty. If you
kill someone there is no possible way that they can ever commit a crime again
and the family of the victim might feel safer knowing that the criminal is not
alive any longer. The advances in technology has made it much less likely that
someone should  get the penalty if they
are innocent and the updated drugs have made it less painful and inhumane to
sentence someone to lethal injection.

 The death penalty is also
against many religions including Christianity which is America’s main religion.
The most common way of execution is the lethal injection and even this is not
humane it can also go wrong and can cause the person a lot of pain. There is
cases in which after the lethal injection was given it took 26 minutes for them
to die which would be very painful. When some one gets
executed it is made very public for example hangings in public in Iran and
someone’s execution can be broadcast live in the USA. There has been a change
in people’s attitudes towards the death penalty many countries and states are
deciding to ban it and some drug manufactures are refusing to sell their drugs
to be used in lethal injections. Many people think that taking someone’s life
is immoral and wrong because it makes them just as bad as the criminal who
committed murder. Some inmates die on death row one example of a man from
Florida who died after waiting 40 years for his fate to be decided. According
to the death penalty. Org there was approximately 2,400executions and this is
only a fraction of the real amount in china in 2015. In china to get the death
penalty you don’t need to commit murder or harm someone you can get it for
offences such as Selling state secrets, Robberyand Sabotaging

 I think that the death penalty should be
banned in all countries because there is no evidence that it is an effective
deterrent against crime it is also a violation of the universal declaration of
human rights. I think it needs to be stopped the most in countries like china
where the execution rate is so high and crimes which are not very serious are
still punishable by death.

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