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The Coffee House is written by Egyptian writer Naguib Mahfouz, who is the winner of the 1988 Nobel Prize in the field of
literature. It is a story of five friends who live in Abbasiya, which is a
district of Cairo. These five friends frequently gather in a coffee house that
is called Qushtumur and share their happiness, sadness, love, marriage problems,
and children. Moreover, they discuss the
political events in Egypt which affect their lives seriously. Although they come
from the different type of families and
they have different political views, they have never tangled with each other
and they have always remained their friendship which is so impressive.

Sadiq Safwan al-Nadi, Ismail Qadri Suleiman, Hamada
Yusri al-Halawani, Tahir Ubayd al-Armalawi
and the narrator, all were born in 1910. They meet on the playground of
al-Baramuni Primary School in 1915. Sadiq Safwan is an only child and his
father is an official in the Ministry of Religious Endowments. He lives in a
small house. Sadiq Safwan is a religious person, he prays regularly and he
places importance on money. His father, Safwan al-Nadi Effendi, always insists
on him working hard. Hamada Yusri al-Halawani lives in a grand palace on
Hospital Square. He has two siblings, one sister whose name is Afkar, and a
brother whose name is named Tawfiq. His father is a pasha and he has a big tahiniya factory. Despite the fact that the
Halawani family is so wealthy, they never just rely on money, they always
encourage Hamada Yusri al-Halawani to study. Tahir Ubayd al-Armalawi is the son of a doctor who was
educated abroad. Al-Armalawi family lives in a villa. Tahir Ubayd al-Armalawi has two sisters. Their names are Tahiya
and Hiyam. He is interested in poetry and cinema; nevertheless, his father
wants him to be a doctor. Ismail Qadri Suleiman is the son of an official in
the railways. He has four sisters. He is one of the most hardworking one in the
group and he is also a religious person like Sadiq Safwan al-Nadi. 

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