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The common phenomenon in
the transmission line is the production of electric and magnetic fields.
Electric and magnetic fields will be generated when electricity is generated
and flows in the transmission line. However, the electric and magnetic has been
the public concern because of the effect that will adverse the human health.
Therefore, the effect of extremely low frequency electric and magnetic field
has been an interest of researcher to study whether it will adverse human
health or not.

Electromagnetic field is an
invisible line that encircle around an object when the object is energized.
Electromagnetic field is a combination of electric field and magnetic field. The electrical field is a field which force field encircle
the electrical charge that attract or repel other charge. The magnetic
field will exist when the moving electric charge or electric current through closed
object which is energized.

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Since the electric and
magnetic field can make the bad effect on human wellbeing, the attention for
this disease is increase. For example, every nation has its own particular
measure for exposure to electric fields based on the rules laid by the certain
associations like the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation
Protection (ICNIRP) 2.  However, the bad impact of electromagnetic
field on human wellbeing leading to no definitive answer. The project is
carried out because of the public concern about the effect of electric field on
the overhead transmission line. The scope of this project only focusing the
electric field strength on the overhead transmission line. The 132kV
transmission line is chosen as the reference due to its widespread use in
Malaysia. Therefore, the purpose of project is to compute, and analyses the
electric field at certain points beneath the power lines.

The project is carried out
to determine the hotspot which the maximum electric field strength produced
along transmission line. The algorithm will be build based on the calculation
of electric field at certain point and will be developed by the MATLAB

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