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The difference is required to be made between both. Cronin and Taylor
(1992) stated that “this distinction is important to both managers and
researchers alike, because service providers need to know whether their
objective should be to have consumers who are satisfied with their performance
or to deliver the maximum level of perceived service quality.”According to
Oliver (1981) view satisfaction is “the emotional reaction following a
disconfirmation experience.” Getty and Thompson (1994) define it as a
“summary psychological state experienced by the consumer when confirmed or
disconfirmed expectations exist with respect to a specific service transaction
or experience.”.

 Kotler (2000) defined
satisfaction as “a feeling of pleasure or disappointment of a person, resulting
from comparing a product or service noticed performance (or result) towards his
or her expectations” ).
According to Solomen et. Al. (1985) “it is the study of the extent to which
certain parts of the society act well (role playing) as determined by the
response of associate actor and observer or audience”

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between Assurance and Customer Satisfaction

Assurance is defined as “the knowledge and
good manners or courtesy of employees” (Van

Iwaarden et al.,  2003). Further, it is also defined as “the
ability of employees with the help of

the knowledge possessed to inspire trust and
confidence will strongly strike the level of

customer satisfaction” (Parasuraman et al.,

Iwaarden et al. (2003) defined tangibility as
“the physical facilities, equipment and appearance of employees and management
team”. It is further defined as “the ease in visibility of resources necessary
for providing the service to customers, well groomed employees and ease in
accessing written materials like pamphlets, brochures, folders, information
books etc will have a favorable consequence on the level of customer
satisfaction” (Parasuraman etal., 1985).

Empathy is defined as “the ability to take
care of customer’s attention individually in providing service to customers”
(Iwaarden et al., 2003). Further research on this topic explained that
understanding customer expectations better than the competitors and providing
excellent services at the exact time will highly influence the customer
satisfaction level (Parasuraman et al., 1998

Zeithaml et al. (1990)
defined responsiveness as “the interests shown in providing prompt service to
customers when required”. Further, it is defined as “the willingness or
readiness of employees to provide the required customer service without any
inconvenience at any time will strongly influence the level of customer
satisfaction” (Parasuraman et al., 1988).


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