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                      The reasons behind the lack or inadequate
prenatal care are complex and varying 11. Women with low education
level may not be able to obtain a well-paying job with time off for a health
care visit and also, they might be living in a neighborhood with poor assess to
public transportation 12. Women with 12 or more year of education
are more likely to begin prenatal care early than with less than 12 years of
education 13. As maternal age increases, the percentage of women
who receive early prenatal care also increases 13. In 2014, 25% of
teens under the age 15 years received late or no prenatal care which decreased
to 10% for teens between the age 15-19 years, the percentage further drops to
4.5% for women in their thirties 7. Multiparous women are at
greater risk of receiving less prenatal care as compared to primiparous women 14.

Substance abusing women, particularly cocaine or opiate are less likely to
obtain prenatal care 15. Women who were on private insurance plan
were more likely to receive timely care (88%), followed by those who received
Medicaid (83.3%) 3. Uninsured women were less likely to receive
timely care or no care 3. Timing of prenatal care also varied by
race and ethnicity. African American and Hispanic women were less likely to
receive adequate prenatal care than white mothers 16.

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