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The type of communicator believed to be before was confident and precision in delivery of the information.  I have been told in the past that presentation was on point and that the information was presented very clearly. I would say that there is high expectation coming into this course and didn’t seem to have issues with relaying information. After taking the quiz, I was shocked that the score was not higher.  The rating and comments about the results were spot on with the way I communicated on a regular basis.  The result is as follows: you’re a capable communicator, but you sometimes experience communication problems. Take the time to think about your approach to communication, and focus on receiving messages efficiently, as much as sending them.  The last part of the comment to focus on acquiring words efficiently could not be more accurate; this part for me is the most forgotten after delivering something well and then not paying attention to the feedback or response.In conclusion, my biggest take away is to slow down and take time on the approach along with being able to receive feedback.  Making these complicated but straightforward changes will make me a better communicator and more approachable for a better result in the future.  Some characteristics of an effective communicator are completeness, clearness, and consideration. Effective communicators need to be complete in the way they deliver information; they should include all the necessary details to make a decision. Having comprehensive data reduces the need for follow-ups and improves the communication channels down the road.  Effective communication also needs to be to the point and easy to understand. Having clearness, the conversation focuses on one point, highlighting its importance and creating better understanding. A presenter should always value the others needs and points of view.  The message and style of the information should be based on the audience which, will build highly reliable and consider talks.  Two ways to improve my communication are feedback and consideration to others.  Being able to receive the input and respond are profound fundamentals of communication that need improvement. Also being able to be considerate of others and adequately tailoring your discussing when only help one to succeed when delivering a message.

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