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The American Red Cross assisted in World War One by giving assistance to America and its allies during the war. During this time the ARC corporation was not as big as the company today. It was created by Clara Barton in 1881 and she was joined by volunteers to assist in aiding people in war. Rememberingwwi.willinova. edu states almost one third of the population claimed membership or volunteered during the duration of the war. The Red Cross offered many services and assistance during World War One such as delivering supplies to Europe, starting new chapters collecting funds for the war effort and During the war, the ARC struggled to offer relief since they were still a small organization. Instead they used support like donations and volunteers. According to, the ARC had a ship they sent to Europe that was nicknamed “The Mercy Ship” but the common name was the SS Red Cross. It gave supplies to England, Russia, France, and Germany along with surgeons and doctors. The ARC gave food to countries being affected by German U-boats. The Mercy was described as having one single red stripe along the side, signaling it was a neutral ship. At the highpoint of the war volunteers were a necessity for delivering supplies and medical assistance. There was two types of members, adult and junior. Junior members worked in gardens growing food, collected relief articles like clothing, and helped less fortunate children. They paid small dues to be considered a member usually only costing around 25 cents. States in the midwest had the highest membership according to Overall, the members had an large influence on the ARC. The British Red Cross developed VAD’s or voluntary aid departments along with the Order of Saint John. As described by the British Red Cross, they traveled around Europe to aid in the war effort. VAD’s were taught basic cooking, cleaning, and how to perform nursing activities. Cooking skills were used at rest stations where soldiers would wait to be transported to hospitals. Whereas nursing activities were more widespread and required everywhere for supporting the war effort.

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