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The English Language plays an important role to
everyone. The students have to start learning English at the stage of entering
primary school. Teachers should stress the use of English proficiency of
communicating in English. In order to have a good communication skill in
English, the student should have good grammar knowledge. Grammar is the whole
system and structure of language in general, sentence structure (syntax), rules
of language (morphology). The function of grammar is syntactic role played by a
word or phrase in the context of a particular clause or sentences.


To encourage primary students to have grammar
knowledge, can usage language games while teaching. Using language games for
teaching grammar should help the primary students to get involved and also easy
to remember by recalling the games. The function of using games for teaching
grammar is to make the class fun. This will help students to understand the

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Usage of games in teaching grammar is to get
students involve in this kind of language games or activities. Usage of games
in teaching grammar will help to teach efficiently in class for the primary
school students. Games mean the world to children. They like to play games and
nothing is fun playing games for them especially primary school students.
Primary school level is the stage for the students to learn the proper







1.1 Background
of the Study

Universal classroom
structures could take off large portions learners unmotivated What’s more
disengaged. Moreover, accepted evaluation through homework and exams gives restricted
data on particular regions the place singular scholars require All the more
help. However, An helter skelter rate of people What’s more educators delight
in amusements. The utilization from claiming amusements in the classroom may be
blasting. In any case they furnish more than only An fun, interactive,
multimedia-driven approach for individuals to figure out Also investigate –
they camwood also move forward teachers’ capability should assess their
students’ advancement What’s more provide focused on help. The how diversions
help scholars discover Also educators educate-in sentence structure Toward
utilizing diversions in the classroom. Person reason should Push instructive
diversions will be should urge people to gain outside from claiming population.
Junior grown-ups will try out of their approach to assume games, considerably a
solitary game, for hours ahead limit. There will be also confirmation that
amusements permit learners to center great enough on take better bring
discovered that changing An lessing with An story setting consolidated for a
test for the person with beat (in other words, settling on it under a game)
altogether enhances those Taking in execution about kids.

By playing An game,
people might have the ability to get it another particular idea or idea, tackle
an alternate perspective, or analyze with distinctive alternatives alternately
variables. To example, to my starting spanish classes, i frequently assumed a
card amusement those primary week from claiming school. Those scholars were
Previously, gatherings of 4-5. Each man peruse through the directions of the
card game; then, the amusement might have been assumed for complete hush. Then
afterward the primary round, person learner from each bunch (typically those
“winner”) moved on an alternate gathering. The thing that my scholars didn’t at
first think may be that every aggregation required gained an alternate set of
standards. When a learner moved on another group, he regularly felt confounded
and might have been unsure Likewise on the reason the other kin were playing
distinctively (students as a rule say “they were playing wrong”). We utilized
this Similarly as a beginning stage will examine the experience of moving
should another particular nation.


Statement Of The Problem

Poor knowledge of grammar will surely put anyone at a disadvantage as
most of the tasks given in school for English lessons require a sound knowledge
of the language. Grammar plays an important role to accurately convey the
meaning across. It is important to have a sound knowledge of grammar to convey
your intended message across. “Improper grammar can affect the meaning and
clarity of an intended message” (Johnson, 2014). It is important to have
accurate grammar in your writing so that we are able to convey the intended
message in your writing accurately since many students are still doing
grammatical mistakes in writing. Thus, it is important that students have a
sound knowledge of grammar. For my research, I focus on verbs and preposition,
one of the grammar items in parts of speech which is important to help students
in writing accurately. Poor knowledge of grammar also will affect student’s
communication skills. Primary school stage level is the place which students
learn the basics level of on grammar knowledge. The teacher often finds that
many of them are still unable to use the correct verbs and preposition while
writing and communicating or speaking. When the students do not use correct
grammatical order they often make mistakes in making sentences or writing.
Therefore, this research mainly to do survey whether grammar games are
beneficial for students to gain knowledge on grammar particularly in parts of
speech which are focusing on verbs and preposition.





The main purpose of the research is to find the
usage of games in teaching grammar for primary school students. How the
students are improving in grammar by having language games.

The specific objectives are:-

1. To test the result of grammar games in the
learning of grammar, mainly in the use of the verbs and preposition.

2. To recognize or pinpoint, students feedback to
the use of grammar games to increase the teaching grammar.

3. To identify the ESL teachers response towards the
use of grammar to enhance the teaching of grammar.

4. To determine the student’s interest in language
games in teaching grammar.


1.4 Research

research was mainly designed to investigate the following research questions:-

Does the usage of games in teaching grammar help to improve primary school

How do students get involve when teaching grammar by using games?


1.5 Significance
of the study

Grammar places an important role when comes to
learning the English language. To improve good communication skill in English
language grammar plays the main role. Students should know the importance of
grammar knowledge in learning the English language. Skills such as, reading,
writing, listening, and speaking are not enough for a good English language.
The primary school students will get benefit by teaching grammar using games.
The teachers who teach the primary school students also will get benefit by using
language games in teaching grammar. For example, the teacher can create games
that make students can involve or interest so that the teacher’s lesson on the
wild success.

Teachers also will make or enhance the interest of
the primary school students in participating games. Secondly, language games
also make the students get the high score in their exams and they know the
usage of the grammar when the students communicate in the English language.
Especially the correct usage of verbs and preposition. This research will prove
that important to teachers to use grammar games in teaching grammar items.                                    







1.6 Scope of The

This research focused on the teaching two particular
areas of grammar from parts of speech which are verbs and preposition. The
research will be based on year 4 students in Petaling Jaya Area. Different
types of language games will use as the evidence of the research. In addition,
for the year 4 of Petaling Jaya area students will test them to gain their
knowledge of grammar and also the use of grammar games in teaching and learning


1.7 Operational

1.7.1 Games

The game is a type of play, particularly an
aggressive one played by principles and choose by ability, quality, or
luckiness. The game is something that people do for fun. Games are something
makes people excited to play. Games also a something enjoyment moment of playing.
It also something challenge, goal, and complete. Games also can motivate to do
something and also relaxing the mind. There is a different kind of games such
as video games, language games, and etc.


1.7.2 Grammar

may be defined as the rules of language, governing the way in which words are
we put together to convey meaning in different contexts. An utterance (in
speech) or a sentence (in writing) is grammatical if it doesn’t. Grammar is the
whole system and structure of a language or of languages in general, usually
taken as consisting of syntax and morphology (including inflexions) and
sometimes also phonology and semantics. knowledge of grammar enables language
users to put words together in the correct order to communicate ideas and
intentions efficiently. It is possible that someone who can produce perfectly
correct sentences and communicate efficiently may not to be able to explain the
rules of grammar. This is true of many speakers of English language. knowledge
of grammar to be able to describe and explain the rules.

1.7.3 Year Four Students

Year Four students
are an age of 10. They are the first level students an upper primary. Year Four
students usually focus on their UPSR. Year Four students are which learn all
the parts of grammar which followed by RPT Year Four. Year Four students are
who getting prepared their self for UPSR.

1.8 Summary

This research is to investigate the usage of
games in teaching grammar for year 4 students to enhance students communication
level particularly in the use of the verbs and preposition. In addition, the
research also to test the usage of games on students motivation level while
learning the form and rules of using verbs and preposition. The research also
to recognize or pinpoint, students feedback to the use of grammar games to
increase the teaching grammar. Other than that, to determine the student’s
interest in language games in teaching grammar. A year 4 students of Petaling
Jaya area primary school where chosen as respondents of this research. It is
all about language games on teaching grammar for year 4 students. Usage of
games in teaching grammar had positive effects on the students learning of the
verbs and preposition

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