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The evidences could beTestimonial , evidence includes oral or written statements given to police aswell as court testimony by people who witnessed an event, or could be Physicalevidence refers to any material items that would be present at the crime scene,on the victims, or found in a suspect’s possession. Also could be  Trace evidence refers to physical evidencethat is found in small but measurable amounts, such as strands of hair, fibers,or skin cells.

.Collecting evidences isvery important step in the investigation to find a key element of a crime thatconfirm the future of suspected person . 1.1.1.

   Packaging EvidenceEach different item orsimilar items collected at different locations must be placed in separatecontainers that Prevents damage through contact and prevents cross-contamination . Forceps and other similar tools may have to be used to pick upsmall items . Any evidence that is wet must be air dried before being placed ina container , and Bloodstained evidence should never be stored in an air-tightcontainer , could cause mold growth which damages the evidence . and must bepackaged in paper envelope or paper bags after drying . Plastic bags should beavoided because water condenses them , especially I areas of high humidity andwater can speed the degradation of DNA molecules . Packages should be clearlymarkes with case number , item number and collection date Stains on unmovablesurfaces may be transferred with sterile cotton swabs and distilled water , Rubthe stained area with the moist swab until the stain is transferred to the swab. Allow the swab to air dry without touching any others .

Store each swab in aseparate paper envelope .  Collected,cataloged and sent to forensic lab Victim’s clothing ,Fingernail scrapings , Head and pubic hairs , Blood (for DNA typing) , Vaginal,anal, and oral swabs (in sex related cases) ,Recovered bullets from the bodyand  Hand swabs from shooting victims . 1.1.2.   Standard Reference SamplesCollection must includenot only evidence, but standards for comparison.

  You must know what you are trying to match oreliminate from the crime scene for use in the laboratory , e.g  hairs, blood, fibers, or soil samples. 1.

1.3.   Processing EvidencePhysical evidence mustbe handled in a way that prevents any change from taking place between the timeit is removed from the crime scene and received by the laboratory. Changes canarise through contamination, breakage, evaporation, accidental scratching,bending, or loss, due to improper or careless packaging.1.1.

4.   Protect the EvidencePreserve evidence withproper packaging Proper storage , Use appropriate labels e.g biohazardslabels  ,( Case#, Initials, Descriptivelabel, date packaged) and a  sign acrossyour seal . 

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